Sunday, March 4, 2012


 Just a couple pics from our night out with friends at a cute little Mexican Restaurant in New York. It was lovely!
I asked if there was anyone who might have a question for me. I was thrilled to have quite a few people ask me. Thank you....

1. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Three years ago, I would have said no. But I fell in love with Ty the first day I saw him. I'm not sure that it counts since I knew him for awhile before I actually saw him but just because I didn't experience it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. 

2. Make up or No Make up?
I love make-up. I'm still a kid at heart playing with oversized heels, dressing up in my Nana's silky blouses with mega blue eyeshadow on and hot red lipstick smeared on my lips. 

3. Who's your best friend? 
Throughout life, I have had many best friends. I'm still close with mostly all of them but right now, my best friend, is my fiancé, Ty. I've always wanted to say that my boyfriend is my best friend, and now I get that chance to. 

4. What kind of Camera do you Use?
I currently use a simple Kodak Easy Share with 10X optical zoom. Although we did go look at Canon Rebels this weekend :)

5. When will there be baby #2?
Well, if it wasn't for our upcoming wedding and residential moves I would say now. Ha ha. I want to be married and have our honeymoon first. Baby #2 will, hopefully, come sometime after our wedding in 2013. We definitely both want more babies.

6. Are you close with your family?
I am very close with my immediate family. My mother, father, two sisters, brother-in-law and niece all live in Massachusetts, so I visit them as much as I can. I have no grandparents, they have all passed away. I am also close with Ty's family.

7. What is your Biggest Insecurity? 
This might be a long one... 
I have different insecurities that come and go throughout my life, as all humans do. For the most part, I'm pretty comfortable in who I am. But one insecurity that continuously plagues me is one that comes from the inside. My insecurity is that I might not be good enough. Good enough for Ty, good enough for the life I have, etc. I am always one step ahead in case life takes a turn for the worst. I always hold up this wall just...incase. I know that people who hold walls up are people who have been broken in the past. I am one of them. 

 If Ty and I have an argument or we don't agree, I immediately think, 'Well, it's over'. And logically, that is ridiculous to think! All couples have arguments. All couples have their ups and downs. Ty tells me I always think worst case scenario. I work on this daily. 

But for me, I would rather walk away than be left. I have a hard time believing that Ty will never leave me because it seems too good to be true.  It seems that I'm always waiting for the rain. I have a hard time excepting the fact that I deserve all the happiness that I have right now. I haven't always been the best person but God has still blessed me. I'm thankful. I am working on realizing that I do deserve good things. Over the last couple of years it has slowly dissipated, thanks to my wonderful fiancé. He has broken down my walls. Insecurities of the heart take time to conquer. 

8.How do you take your coffee or tea?
I drink half-caff coffee with cream and sugar and my Sleepy Time Tea plain. 

9.Favorite go-to healthy dinner?
I would have to say my favorite healthy dinner is Pumpkin Raviolis with Strawberry Spinach Salad and home made dressing. 

10. Favorite Thing about being a Momma?
A million things! I love that Scarlett needs me. When she holds her hands out for me to pick her up, when she cries and only wants me to hold her. Knowing that my milk made her grow and the way she plays with my hair while she eats her bottle. I love that my baby needs me. It makes me feel like my life is meaningful. 

11. Was it Hard losing the baby weight & how long did it take?
I'm going to direct this question to a blog post I wrote a little while ago, HERE.
Everyone is different. For me, it wasn't hard because I made healthy choices & worked out the entire pregnancy. I wore my skinny jeans home from the hospital. (Keep in mind I had no pregnancy issues that caused me to gain too much weight.) My biggest advice: Get in shape BEFORE you get pregnant!

12. How has your life changed the most, since having your precious baby? 
EVERYTHING has changed. I was a wild child for many years. How I think has been the biggest change. Now, I'm not first, Scarlett is. I wake up and think about what I have to do for Scarlett instead of me. I feed her before I eat. Before I act upon something, I think, how will this effect Scarlett? She has blessed my life. She has saved me in many ways.

13.  What is your biggest...

Biggest Disappointment? I always envisioned myself going to school for film directing/producing or screen writing. I never pursued that & that makes me sad. But, it's never too late. 
 Biggest Fear? My biggest fear is that I will lose a loved one. 
 Biggest Fault? Having to be in control at all times.
Biggest pet Peeve? When people chew with their mouth open. 
Accomplishment (Besides Scarlett)? Besides Scarlett, I would say my biggest accomplishments are yet to come. The last 2 years were huge accomplishments to me. I Found True Love (HERE), Bought a House (HERE), Had a Baby (HERE), Got Engaged (HERE) and Now I get to See New Places. (HERE) I'd say becoming happy is my biggest accomplishment.  

14. What is something that no one knows about you? 



  1. This was really interesting to read. I am impressed that you worse skinny jeans home from hospital after giving birth! Wow!

    Also, your biggest fault and mine are the same. I am so much of a planner that it drives me crazy sometimes. I always have to be super organised, otherwise I panic. o.O

    1. Isn't it exhausting? I wouldn't survive without my calendar. haha.

  2. Loved getting to know more about you, you hot thang!!! :) Baby after wedding and honeymoon sounds good.

  3. Pretty eyes. I can really relate to your insecurity - I struggle with the same thoughts and have to constantly remind myself of the TRUTH, that I was made by God and my value lies simply in that.

    1. Heather, you are right. I love that last part you wrote, "I am made by God and my value lies simply in that" Thank you for giving me that insightful sentence.

  4. I always feel like I have to be in control too. I don't like that quality about me. Oh, and people chewing with their mouths open.... ick!

  5. Loved this Q&A. I used to e like you too as in when something happened my immediate thought would be "guess we are done". My husband has helped a lot with that and I'm definitely not as quick to think like that. Of course we have been together for almost 8 years (and married for almost 3). I used to want to protect myself to the nth degree. When you are with the right man you don't have to do that. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. Excellent post. And it is so one knows the whole "you" just from reading this blog. You share what you choose and that is all...You can pick and choose and share the parts you want. Layers. Exactly. :)

  7. As Shrek would say Im an Onion...tee hee..I think we choose the people we want to share everything about ourselves Because of our insecurities. I have these issues also. I put up walls all because of deep hurts in the past that Im still dealing with. It's a never ending healing process for me and I continuously change and progress. Your pet peeve is the same as mine and my sisters, cant stand it and then when they use their tongue to to clean their teeth making that awful noise. It drives me to insanity!!! lol.. Thanks for sharing a bit more of your self.


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