Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For My Ty...

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(This Year's Love)

Written By: Lauren Hutchinson 
 Copyright © 2010, Lauren Hutchinson

You looked at me as I drove by,
I looked in your eyes & you looked in mine.
It was as if the world was put in slow motion.
Just for a minute, I was filled with an obscure emotion.
I was thinking, “He could rescue me”
Then I laughed off my ridiculous reverie.
Back to my life of wild, crazy days.
Thinking ‘this is my life, this is how it stays’.

I loved those small conversations.
They needed no explanations.
You said, “You should come meet me.”
I told you, “come lay in the grass with me”.
You laughed, “It’s pouring outside!”
“Exactly” I replied.
“I’ll leave my window open” I said.
You replied, “I’m on my way to steal you from out of bed.”

“She’s as wild as fire. She’ll do it to you too.”
“She’ll draw you in and make a fool of you.”
“You’ll only be another toy.”
“Good luck with her, a girl and a boy.”
You heard them talk about me; rumors soared.
Still you didn’t care. I was the one you adored.
You had no reason to take a chance on me.
You didn’t have to answer me. 

I’ve seen stars, but not this bright.
I’ve felt the beach, but not like tonight.
Laying down, running my fingers through the sand.
I was thinking that, when I touched your hand.

Laying there beside you and the shore.
It was different than anything I had felt before.
I always had to try but not this time…
You just came to me like you were supposed to be mine.

Standing in the night, entwined in each others stare.
We both knew we shouldn’t be there. 
But it was fate holding us down.
Like gravity pulling from the ground.
Your hands in my hair, your lips inches from mine.
That was the first time you kissed me, how divine.
 You were the best thing I ever tasted.
Couldn’t believe all the time I had wasted. 

I was your Cinderella, You were my prince and more.
All odds against us but still you were sure.
You never listened to them, you took a chance on me.
You pulled me in knowing it wouldn’t be easy.

You and your shining armor,
You said “I’ll never harm her.”
You loved me and set. Me. free…
….Thank you…thank you for rescuing me.

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  1. awhh. :)

    YOU WROTE THIS!?!? =O wow!! youve got talent!!

  2. I loved this. Thank you for sharing this story and your love for each other.

    Happy Valentines Day.

  3. beautiful post! happy vday to you both :)

  4. Gorgeous post, and that poem is even more beautiful <3 I heart...

  5. awwwww i loved it!! youre a poem writer like me =)

    and you are soooo pretty!!

  6. i still havent gotten to the Leibster blog thing yet...i havent had time =( is there a deadline for this =)

  7. You're such a good writer Lauren!

  8. Lauren so glad you came to visit me! Now I'm over in your space. Beautiful family. I enjoy reading all of your posts!!

    Love, Melissa


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