About Me

 However you landed here on my little space, I'm glad you did. I'm Lauren. A blonde-haired girl who was blessed with a dark-haired beauty named Scarlett Cindy & a handsome devil names Maxwell Theodore who light up my every day. I'm a Massachusetts native, now living in New York. I married Ty 3 years ago. For those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile, you know that in the last 6 or so years, my life has changed dramatically. And if you have the time, you can read about that hereAll small details intrigue me. I love experimenting with style, I have fun decorating (& then redecorating) our home. I probably should have been an event planner because I love planning a good ole' party. I love to take trips with our family and travel to new places. Above all of those things, I love writing and it is where my heart has always been. I never graduated college nor have I taken any writing classes. I just love to put words down on paper. 

And that's what I do here. 

I put all my words, thoughts, lots of photos, creative sparks and feelings down in this space. I'm far from perfect. I make a great deal of mistakes and I write about most all of them here. 


What do you believe in? I believe that the minuscule things in life, are the grand things. How we interact, dress, how we kiss, cry, what we eat, how we react....They are all small details to an extraordinary life that each one of us live. I believe in God. I believe that love is the one true thing that matters.

How did you meet your fiancĂ©, Ty? In a straight out of a book love story that you can read about HERE.

What type of Camera do you use? Canon Rebel T3i & my iPhone 6.

Why do you blog? I originally created this blog for family & friends to keep in touch with us when we moved away. But it quickly became more than that. I realized I was capturing my moments; my life, not only for myself but for my family and children in the future. It is a wonderful little outlet that shows how far I've come. I also have hopes that it might reach someone and help them in some way. 

You and Ty seem to have a great relationship. What is your secret? It’s no secret. We work at it. We don’t give up. We forgive and we address issues.  Ty loves me hard and has shown me happiness in many ways. With that said, we still have our share of struggles, too. We don't share everything. Some things we keep to ourselves. You can read more of my thoughts on love & heartache here.

Can you give me some advice on love? I’m not a expert by any means, but here’s my advice from my own experience: I spent too much time trying to make love happen. It took me many years, in a previous relationship, to realize you don’t have to force love. Relationships might be hard but love is easy. Don’t settle. Find the one that is easy to love. 

Where are you from? We are from Massachusetts but currently living in New York. Ty left his job as a firefighter and an electrician to pursue a management opportunity in New York.

Do you work? When we moved to New York, I left my job as a banker and stayed home with Scarlett for two years. Then I went back to working full time in business development & lending. After the birth of Maxwell, I decided to take a career change and get my real estate license . I now am a real estate agent here in NY. 

You wrote about how you have changed dramatically in the last 6 or so years, from wild, care-free girl to loving mother. What changed your outlook? There is something calming about becoming a mother. When Scarlett was born, I felt my life finally had purpose. Scarlett has shown me that the best things in life aren’t things at all. And of course, Ty has changed me, too. When I watch the way Ty lives his life, it inspires me to become a better person. When I watch my kids, it fills my heart & lets me see the world differently. 

What is your parenting style? I don’t have a specific parenting style. I never read What to Expect When your Expecting (although I’ve heard they are very informative). I believe in listening to your instinct and when I have questions, I ask my mother, sister or doctor. I held Scarlett a lot. I nursed her for 11 months and I'm still nursing Maxwell at 13 months. I don’t push them into new things. I let them go at her own pace. I truly feel that you should listen to your instinct when it comes to your children. Not one baby is alike- the way we raise them shouldn’t be either. My parenting style is versatile. I use what works for my child and I think everyone should do the same without criticizing others for their methods. 

How Old Are Your Children?  Scarlett is 5 years old & Maxwell is 1  year old.

Are you going to have more babies? We are pretty content with two.

How did you stay in such good shape after having a baby? I answered this HERE.
Do you feel successful? One of my favorite quotes is one of my own: 

“You can be whatever you want. The world is full of opportunity, 

But I think the most important thing in life to be, is happy.” 

-Lauren Rebecca 

Right now, I am successful because I am happy.