Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Every now and then, I feel seasons changing for me. A stirring that starts out mild and quickly grows into this abundant urge. I felt this right before I left my long time boyfriend for Ty...right before I switched careers, before I found out I was pregnant with Maxwell, and prior to our last move. I guess I am the kind of person who loves new adventures. Although, I think life has tamed down quite a bit over the last few years as we built a family.

Lately, life has been anything but adventurous. It's been filled with the same old: work, clean, eat dinner, sleep pattern....Snooze fest for a wild soul. I try to balance the joy of raising my little ones and the desire for adventure. I know that my little babies are growing quicker than I want them to. I celebrate each new milestone all the while mourning the last stage. Balance is often tricky.  I try and think of what it is that my life is craving. What food can I feed is my soul? I know travel is an answer to that but Ty has taken a new position and has very little vacation time at this time. And so we hang onto that one for now. I do know that I need to travel more when the time allows. We never did it before having children and it is a choice we made. Well, maybe not a choice....but it's how things happened. I know that season will come for us again.

I have read now and again about how others want to live a simpler life and that that is the key to a happy life. I agree that when I simplify my life of material things, that stands true. However, I don't think that is the case for me in every other aspect. Every person is different. Their wants and needs, their personality. For me, I need spark. I want adventure and excitement. Over the years I have found ways to balance this with reality. I'm a Leo and there is something to be said about those zodiac signs. I am the epitome of that Lion sign. I have mentioned plenty of times that life is full of chapters. A book with a beginning and an end- the middle full of plot twists and excitement, happy moments and other times, blue pages. In the past I've thought about naming my blog posts by chapter....something to contemplate in the future.

Change is coming very soon for me. I started writing this post about a month ago and never finished it because I just wasn't sure what my point to the post was or where I was going with it. But now that changes are starting to make an appearance, I revisited this post understanding it much more. A few changes are on their way in the very near future. I'm not sure how long or what that will mean for us, but I feel it's time and whether I'm really ready or not, onto the next chapter we go.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Search For All Natural Beauty Products

First off let me tell you that this is NOT a paid ad. I've been on a mission to find some beauty products that are more on the natural side, or even better....safe! For years I've wondered what is in my make-up and if it's doing more damage than good to my skin?? I was sent some Beauty Counter samples of by Heather HERE. I had been wanting to try for awhile but you know how life goes.... too many things to do, not enough time in the day. After trying some of these products, I WILL be purchasing some products. The fact that there are no scary ingredients in them is enough by itself for me to buy some.

Here is what I tried and my thoughts on them........ (click on names of products to view)
I'm going to start with the lip glosses because they are my favorite! I tried Fig (which is what I am wearing in the photo above) Buff and Ruby. I tend to wear plums or nudes so Buff and Fig were the ones I used until they were gone. They felt dewy and nourishing on my lips. They have a nice gloss to them too.

Next, I tried the Dew Skin which is like a tinted moisturizer. This worked as well as the ones that I currently use from Sephora or Ulta. It is very light with not much coverage, but they add a little color and vibrance to my face. With the word Dew in the name, I knew it would be a favorite of mine. I like this for an every day wear or underneath a foundation for a fuller make-up day. I ended up using a couple shades darker than I thought I would need....so it is hard to tell what shade you should pick. I would ask a rep for some samples or use their "Find Your Shade" link.

The Tint Skin Complexion Coverage Foundation was equally good. It was thicker, creamier and the coverage was better than the skin dew. However, it isn't a heavy or matte finish. The smell of all of these products are very distinct. It doesn't smell of perfume (which it shouldn't) but more of a natural scent. Something I had to get used to at first but now, I don't even notice it. I was so used to the scent of the garbage products.
The Lustro Balancing Face Oil.....Winner!!!!! This oil made my face dewy, radiant and kept moisture in all day. Just how I like it.  I used make-up over it and it blended nicely. Although one day, I used just the oil and it made my skin not so pasty and dry looking. (See below) I also tried the AM and PM rejuvenating creams and the eye cream, but it's a little early to tell if they have significant results. They do moisturize and don't seem to cause breakouts which I am prone to. The Charcoal mask was better than the one I bought at Ulta. The peppermint smell is really nice too. I found that I loved the smell of my face after I was done with this mask. I dried quickly and after I rinsed, my pores seemed less full for sure. I even used this on my chest that was breaking out after all the hormone changes from weaning. I have noticed a difference on my body skin from it. At first I thought my pores looked bigger, but then I realized that they were just free from junk in them. After my face dried and cooled off, my pores shrunk up and my overall skin tone was more even.
All in all, I was impressed that none of the products gave me a breakout or any kind of reaction. I often have to test products because my skin is somewhat sensitive. I'm sure that has to do with some of the harsh ingredients in a lot of the products. Again, the fact that there is no regulation of make-up, which is skin....skin absorbs everything, is something to think about. I've been on a quest to find some natural make-up and products and I think that I've found some. I spotted some of their products in Target yesterday which was exciting too! I will be purchasing more! If you want to try some of these products or purchase some of the ones I tried.....go HERE.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

All Things October.

October in New York has been lovely this year. Today I could have worn shorts. It's been that nice. Of course, we have had some colder days, but if you have experienced a typical October in New England then you will appreciate the mild Fall weather when it does hit. We haven't done as many fun Autumn activities this year as we have in previous years. I didn't buy mums like I usually do, we haven't visited the Apple Orchards yet and I have only taken ONE hayride. Not enough in my books. We have had some pretty busy weekends. We did take the kids to SunnySide Gardens though. We did a corn maze, saw the giant pumpkins and picked out some smaller pumpkins for them to paint. I'm hoping to be able to get a couple more fun Fall days in before winter hits.

I know I will probably get slack for eventing mentioning this...but I've already started Christmas shopping. I said it!
And I will probably be done before Thanksgiving even hits. I actually started in September. I know, I know....a little over the top. But the way I see it is, when all the crazies are out shopping on black Friday and throughout December, I will be in my house watching Christmas movies and sipping on Hot Cocoa- enjoying the holiday spirit. I get extremely excited for Christmas these past few years. Just a few years ago, I remember telling Ty that I wasn't really into Christmas that much. I can't even believe those words came out of my mouth now. Children really have changed my outlook on the holiday and I'm pretty sure it's my favorite holiday.

I'm not sure how this October post turned into Christmas talk...haha. So here's a little Fall Ask and Tell to get things back on track....

What is you favorite Fall drink? Hot Apple Cider

Favorite Fall Activities? Apple Picking and Hay Rides

Favorite Fall Fashion? Big Chunky Sweaters and Ankle Boots

What do you do in your home to get into the season? Burn Autumn scented candles, put dinner in the crockpot, turn on some football and cozy up on the couch with Ty while the kids play.

What is a tradition you keep every year around this time? We always go pick out mums and pumpkins together to decorate the front door. And we usually always go pick apples as well. Also, strangely, we usually do a thorough "Fall cleaning" instead of a Spring Cleaning.

Favorite Fall Food? I can't pick just one!! Apple Cider Donuts, stews and Apple Crisp

Name your top 5 favorite things about Fall: Foliage, Football, Sweaters, Fall Traditions and those delicious Fall-Scented Yankee Candles.

Is Fall your favorite season? It's a close second...I'm a Summer kinda gal. Although I ADORE our beautiful seasons.

Tell me your favorite Fall traditions! And what do you love to eat? I love hearing what others do. Give me all of your ideas!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Weekend In Lake Placid

Two weekends ago, a few friends (and fellow mothers) and I went to Lake Placid for a little weekend away. Although it wasn't quite fall foliage season yet, the drive there was beautiful just the same. Between mountains and cliffs, grand views of lakes and peaks, winding roads and lots of green, we made our way from Saratoga to Lake Placid. We stopped at the most breathtaking road stop and took a few photos of the scenery.

Once arriving there, we ate brunch at The Cottage which overlooked the lake. The food was delicious and the atmosphere, cozy. Then we did a little shopping on the main street. We tasted wine and bought souvenirs for all of our kids back home. There were plenty of shops to wonder through. We explored some of the Olympic sites including the Olympic Oval Ring and the Jumping Complex. We toyed with the idea of going on the bobsleds, but after assessing the cold, we decided to pass this trip. It was surprisingly much colder than Saratoga. Only a couple of hours away and it was a good 10 degrees cooler. That didn't stop us from having a drink out on a couple of the restaurants that offered decks on the lake.

We checked into The Hotel NorthWoods. A hotel right downtown with a rustic feel and lots of charm. A revamp of the hotel not long ago made for a great little place to stay. We decided to pick up some hot cocoa's for our cold walk to Lisa G's, the restaurant that so many of the locals recommended to us. After eating there, it was apparent why. Excellent place with good food and drinks. Then we sat rooftop under some heat lamps with blankets on our laps for a night cap before retiring for the night. The next morning, the lake was a sight! The mist lifting off of the water was simply amazing. Such a peaceful and serene scene to wake up to.

We didn't do anything too extreme on our little weekend away but it was nice to get away and see something new, have a few laughs and RELAX. It's so necessary for mothers of all walks of life to take some time for ourselves. It makes us happier and better parents to take a few breaths. It's amazing how badly us mothers need to get away and yet we miss our babies as soon as we get it. Time away refreshes us and reminds us that even though we've been blessed with the most important jobs in the world, at times we need to just go be individuals- girls at heart with free spirits. That is just what we did this weekend. Cheers girls to a great weekend!!!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Pieces of September....errrr...and August too.

September? Where'd you go?

Here I am about to sit down and put some photos up of August and I realized it's nearing the end of September. The last couple of months were a challenge of sorts. So here you have a little round up of all of August and September. Today, I am doing a little work before I prep for some family coming into town tonight.  Last weekend I went to Lake Placid for a girl's weekend with some friends. We had plans to escape to the Cape this weekend but the rain had other plans... I'm loving the routine that Fall has brought to us. I can catch my breath and we are excited to have finally found another Nanny that we like for Maxwell. Hallelujah!  So cheers to September that has given me a little bit of sanity back and all things Apple Cider!!

Scarlett and her never-ending love for horses. Every Saturday you will find us here at the barn.
Ty and I always have our eyes open for land to build our perfect forever home...which has taken us down some pretty lovely roads during the weekends. I loved this little Mom & Pop stop! 
This boy above....is he a ham or what?! Getting too big every day. 
Road Trip Selfies. 
Scarlett did a shoot for a cute little company called Pinhole Press a couple of weeks ago. You can see their website here. Great kid stuff!
This photo was taken before Maxwell's first hair cut if you can't tell....(Post on that soon) This is how Scarlett greets her brother in the mornings.
Baby man buns on hot days....hee hee.
We also did a few hikes.
Scarlett and Maxwell had a lot of fun together this summer before she started Kindergarten. They definitely made the most of their time together. Arts and crafts, pillow forts and lots of pool and ice cream days. 
Here is the top of Spruce Mountain. I was not brave enough to go to the very top of the fire watch tower but these guys did! 
Birthday celebrations with cousins!
And this photo sums up how I felt after the summer with no sitter, trying to work full-time in real estate and entertaining 2 kids......Amen for the Fall! 
Happy September!!