Sunday, November 21, 2021

School's Back In Session 2020


The Last Bit of Summer...


The kids did summer camp this year while I tackled 2 jobs. They enjoyed their days there but I am looking forward to next summer when I can spend more time with them and take them to do fun things!! We took advantage of the weekends together. 

Raising These Babes.


Raising these babes are the best years of my life. I hope they look back and remember all of the times I tried. All of the times together. Silly times and happy times. All the effort I put in despite sometimes failing. I hope they remember that sometimes we struggled but we always persevered. Sometimes we fight but we always say sorry. Sometimes we cry but we always wipe away each other's tears and help each other smile. I want these babies to know, that these are the best years of my life. I enjoy every one. The good and bad. Watching them grow is something I will never take for granted. Sometimes, I can't believe they are mine. They each have such a wonderful personality with such strengths and I know that they will do wonderful things. Loving this season of life...

Remembering Kevin.


4th of July 2021.


4th of July this year was a good one. We had a neighborhood cookout and invited the neighbors all over for some food and festive fun. These photos kill me. They start off sweet and become real...real quick. ;)