Saturday, December 25, 2021

Sail Away...Lake Travis


If I could go live on a sailboat for a month or two....I'd do it. Maybe someday I will. We went out sailing in September and it was full of loveliness. Last minute ,we decided to go do something spontaneous. We took the long weekend and went to Lake Travis near Austin, TX. It's one of those places that you wouldn't expect to be in TX. From the shores, it's a beautiful scene. And from the sailboat, it's an even better perspective!  Whenever we do something new, the kids seem to grow this new layer of adventure. Maxwell was petrified to go on the sailboat. In fact, Ty had to carry him kicking and crying onto the boat. But 5 minutes in, he grabbed the wheel and watched the sail go up....and all was good in his eyes. In fact, when it was time to head back, he was begging for us to stay longer. Scarlett hung off the top of the boat like she was on the Titanic...letting her curly locks fly free in the wind. That girl is an adventure all by herself. Vera even enjoyed it!! We packed a picnic brunch. Having a whole cabin underneath was perfect. When the kids got tired, they could go down there and relax. Ty and I sipped champagne. We took in the views and just did nothing but breathe for a bit. Something we don't' get to do often. Between work, kids and other side endeavors we are so busy that we get wrapped up in the go-go-go. So it's important to set up some down time. And actually USE it. Which we did and it was really wonderful. There is no point to working hard and putting all the effort in if you don't enjoy life. 

One thing I've realized as we continue to grow....success does not equate to happiness. Nor does money. It doesn't really need elaboration but as we all know, that has to come from a much different place. I can say that because I was a girl who grew up in a trailer. We didn't have much money. In fact we had none haha. But we were loved. I think that when you have nothing, you have a different perspective than someone who has been given everything. I worked hard. I put in the effort, always, knowing that I would likely have to work my way up step by step. I didn't finish college and I don't have any degrees. But I've never thought that college was the only way. Or even the best way.  Not to say it's not the right way for others, but it was not the way I ever wanted to go. There are so many paths out there. Anyhow, before I get sidetracked, my point is, I've seen hard rock bottom days. And I've been in really great places. I'm not at my ending place yet, but I've certainly come a ways and we are certainly doing ok. I will tell you that my happiness has never come from money. Yes, that feels good and yes it makes life easier. But it does do something....What money does do, is it buys you freedom. 

All of our efforts, hard work and determination are so that we can have freedom. The freedom to do what we want and work for myself, and therefore, the time to spend with the ones I love. Time trumps it all and we can't ever buy more of it. So if I can have more freedom to do the things that I enjoy and spend time with the people I love, then I have succeeded. This is one of those trips that I got to spend time with the people I love. We sailed and then spent the long weekend at the resort right on the Lake. The views were wonderful, weather perfect. Fun little getaway at this hidden gem enjoying our own company. 

Fall 2021: Pumpkin Patches in Texas and other scenes

 Ok. So in San Antonio, a pumpkin patch is really a big area where they put a bunch of pumpkins down in a field or a parking lot and let you pick them "up". How I do miss New England at Fall time. I really don't feel that it compares. I miss the apple orchards and apple cider donuts. They don't know what "apple cider donuts" are here...I'm serious. It's like "jimmies" or "grinders". For all my Massachusetts friends, you know what I'm talking about. 

We have learned to adjust our expectations and understand that Texas is not known for their pumpkin patches or apple orchards. But I still cannot figure out why there is a lack of corn stalks in TX!? That one baffles me. Fall was never my favorite season because it was always short lived and meant a brutal winter was upon us soon....but I find that this is changing as I get older. And now that I live in Texas. Haha.  I do miss it! Sometimes it's not until you don't have something that you miss it, right?  I had no idea how absolutely stunning our falls in Massachusetts and New York were until I didn't have them. The weather in Autumn here is typically still hot until around end of November. So true fall weather is really just Dec-Feb lol. We had a lot of fun memories this Fall season. Just simple projects around the house and hot drinks, mums and pumpkin picking. The last two Fall seasons have been really fond memories for me. Sharing some of them here....

Sunday, November 21, 2021

School's Back In Session 2020


The Last Bit of Summer...


The kids did summer camp this year while I tackled 2 jobs. They enjoyed their days there but I am looking forward to next summer when I can spend more time with them and take them to do fun things!! We took advantage of the weekends together.