Monday, November 20, 2017

A Quick Trip to The RiverWalk in San Antonio.

We have already made ourselves at home here in Texas. Which really hasn't been hard. The second weekend here we were anxious to get out of the house and forget the unpacking. Not to mention that Maxwell and Scarlett were getting over being sick and it had been just a rough week all around.  We decided to go downtown and explore. We had no real plans. I did a couple quick searches and since I'm the queen of planning, I had a game plan in 40 minutes. First spot we stopped at was Ocho. This amazingly, dreamy restaurant is located in the Havanna Hotel on the Riverwalk. By the pictures, I don't need to do much explaining. It was designed by someone who knows the key to my "style heart". The colors and vibe were sophisticated and fun. If you look outside the windows, you can see the river. The "garage-like window doors" actually open as I could see stools and counters on the patio section.  The wait was REALLY long, but the tapas were spot on and the Margaritas really were perfection. We gave the kids electronics, that is how long the wait was. Sigh.  I read reviews that this was accurate but I mean, when you get to look at this and drink margaritas, who cares! 

Then we made our way down to the Riverwalk. I didn't realize how long the riverwalk is. It's MILES and MILES of river. There are the coolest bridges and tunnels to walk over and through. The scenery is so pretty. Businesses, restaurants and even condos line the Riverwalk. You can definitely spend a whole day or more exploring. We somehow stumbled up to the streets and Scarlett made friends with a horse who was pulling a Cinderella-esque carriage. Yes, we rode it around the city and it was a great way to see what was where. We stopped to see The Alamo and even wandered around inside there, looking at some history, before grabbing Snow Cones. It was a hot day! We had plans to ride the water taxi for a tour but Maxwell was still recouping and not in the best of moods. We didn't think he would last an hour on the boat. So we decided to put that on hold and instead grabbed some Mexican food on the river's edge. There are so many casual places to eat along the way. San Antonio is such a different place. I've never seen a city quite like it. I am most definitely enjoying our time here so far. Last weekend we went to the Hill Country and I died....Ok I didn't die but I absolutely LOVED Hill Country. And I can't WAIT to share that with you sometime this week!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

6 Things About Texas so far and some thoughts.

Some things I've learned about Texas so far.

1. Everyone says "Yes M'am, Yes Sir and y'all" I just love it! It sounds so respectful and makes me hope that my kids start to incorporate some of this in their vocabulary. I catch onto accents very quickly. I remember visiting Georgia when I was younger and leaving a couple weeks later with a southern drawl.
2. People are not in a rush here. Not on the road, not in their work life, not in general. Which is much different than New York. And refreshing.
3. Don't wear short shorts to the riverwalk. Ok... this has nothing to do with Texas but when we were at the Riverwalk last weekend, I got stung by a bee right on my buttox....and let me tell you, it was NOT fun. I've been stung by white-faced hornets, wasps, bees etc...but whatever the heck type of flying demon this was stung the heck out of my ass and it is still sore days later!! Yowzers.

4. People think that 50 degrees is freezing. If you have seen my Instagram Stories, then you know how this does not cease to amaze me. We are the only "crazies" with our windows cranked down and t shirts on in 60 degree weather. And yes, people look at us like that too. ha ha.

5. People are very friendly. Everyone waves here. I had to drive Ty to work for a whole week so we could use his truck until my suv was delivered. When I would drive by some of his co-workers, apparently they waved and I SWEAR I didn't see. So Ty comes home to tell me that his co-workers said I need to learn some southern hospitality!! lol. And as my husband joked, when we wave in NY, it's usually just a All jokes aside, it is totally funny how different states have their different quirks and I am loving Texas' friendliness.

6,  It's obviously warmer and the air here is different. Maxwell was sick this last weekend. He got a cold which suddenly turned for the worst Friday night. He could't breathe at all and we ended up taking him to the ER. He wasn't responding to nebulizers or a couple different medicines. It was scary. Although I have been there before with Scarlett, and in worse circumstances, it never gets easier to see your child hurting. Thankfully the children's hospital here is amazing and they had him feeling better in no time.  They think that the air here might have had an affect on him since this has never happened to him before. A lot of people gain allergies here that didn't have them elsewhere. And while I think this happens everywhere, we aren't used to this environment and these molds/spores, so it makes perfect sense. Here's to hoping this isn't a reoccurring event in his life.

The great thing about seeing new places is that you appreciate what you have that other states don't and it makes you enjoy the things that new places do have, that you don't. I'm taking in all the sun and hospitality while missing those Autumn colors and my friends and family. We are enjoying our time here in Texas so far. There are so many things I love about Texas already. The more I travel, the more I want to see new places. It's addicting.  I know there were probably a few people that didn't understand our reasoning for coming here to Texas and thought we should have kept the kids settled in NY where we were. Although I don't feel the need to explain, here is some perspective. I grew up in the same town all my life. I didn't see new places outside of New England, besides the occasional trip to FL, and I didn't experience new things. I grew up thinking that where I was was where I belonged and I don't necessarily know if that is true. I think had I seen other places, my life might have taken far more turns and been deeper than it was. I'm not saying that I regret anything or blame my parents for not exposing me. I'm saying that there is no wrong or ideal way. I'm letting my kids experience new things and new places. I hope that they are able to adapt more easily in life because of these experiences. Not only that but maybe they will be able to choose where they want to be in life without fear of the unknown. I know they are little but make no mistake, kids pay attention way more than we realize. For instance: When we were packing to move to NY, I took all of the kids toys and sent them on their way in the Pod. Maxwell asked where the toys were. I explained that they were headed to Texas. The next time that he Skyped with Ty, he asked, "Where is my room?" and Ty showed him his room. I never told him that we were moving there but he instinctually knew that with Ty being gone and in a new place, that he was moving there also. When we got to Texas, our pod had not arrived yet. The first thing he asked was, "Where my toys?" At 2 years old this kids put all the pieces together. They figure things out and know way more than we allow ourselves to believe they do.

Another interesting thing that happened to me this week. Our POD came.....praise the Lord!! Anyhow, I was unloading things and trying to organize what I could. Mind you, we have been living out of 2 suitcases worth of stuff for the last 2 weeks. As I began filling cabinets and drawers, I started to feel really overwhelmed with everything. There was SO. much. stuff!!! So I stopped unraveling bubble wrap and started to leave things in boxes. I just couldn't stock all the crap into our house.

I've come to the conclusion that living more simple is really less stressful. I don't need 40 plates and 20 mugs! I don't need as much as I thought I did. I really only need the basics and my family. And please don't misunderstand, I'm not talking about clothes. Because....I can never have enough clothes lol. But when it comes to everything else material related, I'm over it. So I took out the things I need and left so much of the stuff "I just couldn't live without" when I was packing in NY, in boxes. Funny how perspective changes things.

Riverwalk photos to come...

Friday, November 3, 2017

We made it to Texas: Pieces of our Week.

We have a had a fun and yes, exhausting past week. If you have been following along, you know that we moved to Texas this week. It was kind of a whirlwind of a month to be honest. On Friday Scarlett had her Awards Show Dinner. Ty flew back and we attended this fun little event where Scarlett won Grand Champion for her class!! GO SCARLETT!!!! (queue the loud and obnoxious mom cheering from the side) Then we tracked to Boston to celebrate with my sister in law as she got ENGAGED!!!!! Congrats my dear!! It was a fun little engagement party that even this kids enjoyed.

After that we headed off to Nashua/Amherst NH for a family member's wedding at LeBelle Winery. You guys. The scenery from New York to NH was epically amazing! I could have made Ty stop 100 times along the way but he would have killed me so I only made him stop twice. Vermont is one of my favorite states!!!

Anyhow, the wedding was equally as beautiful and we had an awesome time. We got to see the whole family there one last time before we flew out. Monday we flew out of Manchester NH and into San Antonio.  I must say I have the best traveling kids. It was a long day of traveling and by the time we got home, we were all crabby and tired. It would have been amazing if all of our furniture was awaiting us but everything was against us when it came to moving our belongings. The pod was going to take double the time I originally thought and the car never got picked up like it was supposed to. Therefore, here I am on Thursday without a car or any of our stuff!!! I procrastinated ordering our furniture (we left our NY house furnished) so now I'm waiting for everything. BUT, there are so many positives that have come so far. Scarlett started her first day of school this week and she LOVED it. Her teacher said that she made new friends and had a wonderful first day. Not that I had any doubt my social butterfly would make friends ;)

Despite not having our pod yet, we each packed 2 suitcases full of stuff so thank the Lord for Southwest's 2 free luggage rule! Ha. Our neighborhood is great and only a walk to Scarlett's school. The houses are super close together which we aren't used to but I honestly don't mind this. We have met a few of the neighbors already and they all seem super sweet. The house is brand new, although much smaller than our home in New York. I am enjoying living in a smaller house. It just seems so much more simpler than all of our extravagant home needs back home. Texas is already teaching us things. And let's just talk about the weather....I know in July I will be crying but right now, right now I'm in heaven with this 80's weather in November! We flew into San Antonio on the 30th so I had Halloween costumes of the kids choice mailed here ahead of time. We got to go out WITHOUT COATS trick or treating for the first time ever! Kids thought this was pretty rad. I had the coolest Wonder Woman and the most appropriate Batman ever!!!!
So as we get settled, (bringing Ty to work everyday so I can have a vehicle, getting 1 kid into school and 1 kid into daycare, trying to work and get our house together) whew.....we still look forward to traveling around this new place and exploring new things! We've got AWESOME places on our to do list! Thank you to everyone who messaged me on Instagram (@itsLaurenRebecca) and gave me such great tips about TX and San Antonio. You guys are the sweetest! And also thank you to everyone who helped us get here. All my NY fam and friends that I just couldn't have done without! Shout out to Kalin, Maite, Kevin, Christine, Carrie and Jose and all those who offered or wished us well!!

We made it!! 
And now for some fun wedding photo-booth clips...

Above is Scarlett channeling her inner Hilary. Haha.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Moving Pieces.

Packing is probably one the worst tortures that a human can endure....
I despise it so.
I have 2 weeks to get our entire house packed and shipped to Texas. Then I somehow have to coordinate my car to be shipped and fly myself and 2 small humans across the country. This should be interesting...on top of all of this we have a bunch of moving pieces in our lives right now and I don't really know how or if it will all work out the way we would like.

Our house rented out sooner than we anticipated and so we are leaving a bit sooner than we originally thought. And by a little I mean a lot! I anticipated being here until December. The kids are thrilled about that...and also sad to say good-bye to all of their friends and the only home they've ever known. We are renting our house out furnished so I'm trying to pick out new furniture for our house in Texas, get Scarlett into a new school, Maxwell into a new daycare and visit everyone that I am going to miss so much before I leave! There are a lot of moving pieces right now. Although it is extremely stressful, I have this calm that hits me when I start checking things off of my to-do list. And in between all the chaos, I am managing to enjoy some time with friends, my sister and take the kids to a couple fun last minute things.

Last weekend I took the kids to the flavor Fest downtown Saratoga. Which is where the photos are from. (minus the last photo we took with Daddy before he left. That was Sunday Football at the sports bar). Anyhow, we tried food samples galore at the Flavor Fest! Everything from pad tai to cannolies, tacos to crepes. The kids loved it. I was worried I would be completely overwhelmed without Ty here helping me with the kids but it turns out we are doing just fine. Which I need since everything else in our life is chaotic. Yes they miss him a great deal, but Skype and FaceTime has been getting us by. I feel adventure coming...and I'm ready for it.

Wish me lots of good vibes that I pull this off like a pro ;)

Monday, October 2, 2017

Seasons Are Changing & Surprise...We are moving!!

The seasons are changing and I feel like every September brings more than just turning leaves. This September has proved to be the same...and guess what....we are moving!!

September has always been our month of new beginnings. It was in September that Ty and I officially got together. September that I found out I was pregnant with Scarlett. September that we moved here to New York. September that we not only bought a brand new house but found out I was pregnant with Maxwell. It was in September that I began a new path in real estate and so on....September, the month when leaves begin to turn and the seasons change. How appropriate.

We moved here to New York 6 years ago. I can't even believe it's been that long and yet it seems so long ago! Ty received an offer on a Wednesday and a week later he was off to New York to start a new job. I followed behind a few weeks later. We've had such an amazing time here in New York and it has been one of my favorite places so far. Not to mention, this place is an amazing place to raise a family. I fell in love with Saratoga 6 years ago and I still hold this place in my heart. We've created a home and family here. Even Maxwell was born here.
When Ty came to me a few weeks ago with an opportunity across country, I was slightly heartbroken. Scarlett loves her school and she just started first grade, she loves the stables that she rides at, and all of her neighborhood friends are here. Maxwell even has a little best buddy at school and adores his teachers as well. Not to mention, I love who I work with and the role I play in my current job. So to say that this was hard swallow is accurate. Despite the obvious downfalls of this,  I kept an open mind and somehow, things seemed to work their way out.

Ty's job is a year assignment. Meaning, it isn't permanent. We are coming back!! And we managed to work out all the details so that it works for us all. Often times life presents opportunities that aren't the right timing. But who are we to say what is the right timing? I mean, do any of us have any control of what goes on in life? Somewhat yes, but We can plan all we want but we aren't really in control now are we? So I've learned to embrace what may seem like bad timing and accept it as a new adventure.

 And we go on a new adventure. I think it's pretty awesome!! I mean, how many people get the opportunity to go see some place they have never been before and still be able to return easily? We are SO excited. And a tad nervous. The worrying is mostly me apprehensive about how the kids will adjust and how we will get it all done in such short notice. I hope that the year in a new school will not be hard for Scarlett but teach her to adjust more easily and find that there are wonderful people to be friends with in every state. She is a pretty resilient child and seems to do well with change. On the other hand, she is VERY sentimental and I know that she is going to miss her friends, teachers, school and horses. When I told her the news, she proved to me that she is just as adventurous as her mother. The look of excitement on her face was enough to tell me that this will be great. So where are we going?

We are moving to Texas!!
I have never been to Texas so this is going to be a huge change and a very exciting opportunity. We are thrilled to see new places and do new things! I can't tell you how this is all going to work but I trust that God will bring it all together. So....stay tuned! Details to come.

These past couple weeks Ty and I have been spending a lot of time together with the kids since he will be going down there before us. We will join him once we tie up all loose ends here in NY but we will be away from each other for longer then we ever have. I know this will be hard on the kids. We spent a day in the park and downtown. These are a few photos from then.