Thursday, June 16, 2016


A couple of weekends ago, we took a weekend trip to Connecticut to visit Ty's grandparents. Since it was over 3 hours to get there, we decided to explore a little bit of the area. I hadn't been to the Mystic area since I was a young kid. On the way to Connecticut, we snap-chatted (itslaurenrebecca is my Snap Chat name if you want to find me) and sang songs and slept and had some laughs too. If you ever go to that area, you must eat at Old Saybrook's Soup and Sandwich shop. Their sandwiches are to die for and if they had one here, I'm pretty sure I would eat there weekly. We wanted to go to the beach since the kids were excited to see the ocean. When we lived in Massachusetts, it was the norm for us to go to the ocean but now that we are in NY, it's a little further away. So we picked a beach called Harvey's Beach. When we got there, we were REALLY dissappointed. The beach area was smaller than the local lake here and it was NOT worth the $20 that they wanted for the day. So we turned around and headed in search of another place. We found a beautiful beach in Waterford CT called, Eastern Point Beach. It was MUCH more of what we were looking for and surprisingly, not all that packed. We enjoyed exploring the rocks, turning Ty into a mermaid, eating cold treats and just enjoying the sun. It was the perfect temperature. Not too hot but warm enough to be at the beach. Once we left the beach, we headed to our hotel in Mystic. After showering and changing, we went across the street to eat at a restaurant called Latitude 41. We sat right on the waterside and watched a wedding while we enjoyed dinner and some drinks. The food was awesome.

We wanted to go explore more after that but in doing so, we were disappointed that Old Mystic Village closed very early! We walked around downtown Mystic instead. Scarlett and Maxwell insisted we stop for some ice cream, which we did. We watched the bridge open up and even took a photo at the notorious Mystic Pizza. Ty was not, he has no idea who Julia Roberts even is!!! But I still wanted a picture. The next morning we had planned to stop by the Mystic Village but it was pouring cats and dogs. We decided to head to his grandparents house. We enjoyed a whole afternoon there with the kid's great grandparents. She cooked us a 10 course meal with so much food that we waddled out of there. These little trips are just as fun as the big ones sometimes. All in all, it was a fun little weekend and we enjoyed our time with the kids. 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Memorial Day Long Weekend.

Memorial Day weekend was a good one this year. I always enjoy the long weekends, as many do I'm sure. Time we can spend together as a family is really important to me. We know that Memorial Day isn't about just putting up the flags and having a cookout. Although we do take part in all those things. We also made this year the year that we taught Scarlett what the holiday truly means. We took her to the Saratoga Battle Field this year. She enjoyed learning about the battle that went down there and what a huge role it played in history. I must admit that even I didn't know how important this battle was to the United States. I learned a few things myself. The only part that neither of the kids were fond of was the canon re-enactment.....Maxwell was scared and Scarlett was afraid they were going to kill some

The rest of the weekend was a time to enjoy ourselves. Scarlett insisted that we wear red, white and blue necklaces most of the weekend. We spent a lot of time in the pool and had a small, low key cook-out too. We have been wanting to buy a pull behind trailer for the bikes since Scarlett was little. This weekend we finally made a spur of the moment stop at Dick's Sporting Goods and bought one. It was a hit with the kids! Scarlett and Maxwell were fast asleep at the end of the very first bike ride. They enjoyed it so much that we took a couple of rides that weekend. We also went out into the city to have some dinner. It was SO hot that day that we actually ate inside, believe it or not. All in all, we had a good time and enjoyed our extra time together with Ty. As I say, another one to go down in the memory books. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Scarlett's 5th Birthday.

On May 5th, my Baby Scarlett turned 5.

All the emotions come as I realize she is not a baby anymore. I feel as though it's gone too quickly. She starts Kindergarten in the Fall and I tear up at the thought that she will never again stay home with me during the day. I pulled her out of Daycare (Pre-K) the end of May for this reason. She will only be attending a few field trips. I want to plan fun things to do with both of the kids this summer and enjoy this last toddler Chapter of Scarlett. She is now becoming a girl and my Mama heart aches and soars all at the same time!!

For her birthday this year she requested a Lion Guard Birthday. If you know my Scarlett, you know that she is an animal lover and her adoration for anything in nature is mighty. She collects leaves and rocks, sticks and flowers. It was only natural that she would want a Lion Guard theme. I find her pretending she is a lion or a mother dog all too often.

I threw together a fun little gathering with her friends and some family. I didn't want to go overboard with things as I have done in the past. She's had some pretty fun birthdays: (Here, here, here and here) They played on her new swing set that Ty put together for her and painted mini Jungle animals. I found the best Lion Guard masks here on Etsy. They were a hit! We also made some worms in dirt (Scarlett was really into them) and I got pretty crafty with a Pinterest Lion Dip....We sang Happy Birthday and overall, the day was a success. I had a happy little girl and THAT is what makes a good party. Happy 5 years my sweet little girl. You are my ray of sunshine and I love you forever!!!!!