Sunday, March 22, 2015

29 Weeks-ish.

Ok….so I'm a little late and almost 30 weeks but better late than never.
It's strange to think that in just 10 or so weeks I will have a little baby boy in my arms.  Every time I try to wrap my mind around this concept,  I can't. They say that mother's have instincts about their children. I believe this is true. With Scarlett, I could envision exactly what she would be like. Her ultrasounds were very telling of her face and personality. She sucked her thumb and posed perfectly for every shot. Her little face looked exactly like it did when she was born. She is much like that now. Photogenic and ready to smile for a moment captured in time. I didn't envision that she would have the darkest curls. I guess I seemed to envision her personality more than her looks.

With my baby boy seems very different. For every ultrasound, he covered his face with his arm or hands. His shy/laid-back manner reminds me of Ty. I envision him much like this when he is born. Again, I cannot envision what he will look like but his little personality seems to shine already.

Late one night this past week, I laid awake thinking. This happens a lot since sleep is scarce now days. Insomnia and restless leg has set in making it impossible to fall asleep. I laid there thinking about my life just 6 years ago. How different life was. How empty and unsettled my soul was. I thought about how I could still be in that place. How every little thing that happened back in that glorious year of 2009 perfectly happened at just the right time. I've written of it a handful of times. I've relived it in my daydreams more times than I can count. The magic of that summer ran through my veins like electricity. It was like something...or someone had breathed life to me and finally, I woke up. I wasn't afraid anymore. I was ready. (read more about that here.)

Back then, I needed something to save me in the worst way.  Ty reached down with strong arms and pulled me out of that darkness. He showed me what love truly was. Thinking back, I don't even know if I knew what love was until him. About a year later, we found out that we were having a baby. I was terrified in all sorts of ways. I didn't feel ready or prepared in any way. But God knew what I needed. This perfect little girl showed me a different kind of love. A stronger love. My heart began to fill through the last few years. Then, laying in the bed thinking about how far I have come in such a short amount of time, I thought about this new baby and how I feel like he will complete my heart. Fill it to the very brim.
I try to envision having a little boy to complete our crew of four and I have a hard time imagining it. Still, I know that this is the little piece that was missing. There is so much that I am looking forward to. One thing that I'm really excited for is vacations with our littles. Taking them to new places and watching them grow. When I was growing up, we didn't have a lot of money. In fact, most of the time we were down right poor. But the one thing that our parents always gave us was adventure. We went on plenty of vacations and took Sunday drives all over the place. Even if they weren't extravagant, it was family time. I want to make sure that we do this for our children, too. I feel like it's really important to spend time with them traveling to new places, showing them new things. There's so much excitement to look forward to.

And all of it coming so soon!! These are the days. These are the days of my life that I've longed for. These are the moments that I will look back on and wish with all of my heart to have back. The days I will miss….

I'm so grateful to have these days. right now.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Things Scarlett Says.

Right Now: 

Age: 3 (turning 4 in 2 months!)
Scarlett's Favorite App: Pepi Doctor
Scarlett's Favorite Food: Nature's Path Pop Tarts, Grapes, Cheese and mayo sandwiches (which she can make by herself), Cucumbers and Home-made Pizza.
Favorite Game: Playing Unicorns or with her Farm
Favorite Shoes: Elsa & Anna light up sneaks & Hunter Boots
New Favorite Activity: Painting, painting and painting some more!

Scarlett's been saying:

Me: Scarlett, do you want OJ?
Scarlett: NO, I don't want to drink too much orange juice or I might get a Tyrannosaurus.
Me: What?
Scarlett: You said too much orange juice will give me one.
Me: Do you mean a canker sore? (Laughing)
Scarlett: Yeah!

"Mama, you're the best Mama in the WHOLE world!" (love this one)

When she wants to use my iPhone to play apps, she negotiates by saying, "Mama, I have a good idea,  you can watch Roseanne while I play on your phone!"

"Oh Bother!" when she dropped her toothbrush.

After getting off the scale at the dentist office, "I'm getting bigger aren't I? That's because I'm gonna be four soon and because I eat lots of vegetables!"

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Scarlett's Closet Sale.

Moral of the photos? I've got one stylish little babe with boxes and boxes of clothes to unload. And I have decided to sell all of her old clothes on Instagram. I just posted some Easter/Spring dresses and lots of shoes but I will be posting new clothes all week long! If you would like to take a look, you can find her used clothes/shoes for sale at:

@scarlettsclosetsale on Instagram

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pieces: The End of Winter 2015.

Snow days.
Weekend ritual lately: Breakfast in this delicious, cozy diner.
He puts together her bed while she wrestles a.....crocodile.

First time we've seen the ground bare in a long time! Thankful that Spring is almost here.

When she's not feeling well, she helps kids feel better on Pepi Doctor, her new favorite app. 
My little Wednesday Adams...loves raw vegetables over cooked vegetables and loves brushing her teeth. 
Dinner at El Mexicano. She's a horse lover. She insisted I take a photo of her hugging the horsey.
She'll only take a bath in my tub lately...

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Baby Boy's Nursery Start.

Baby Boy's nursery started out as a peach guest room. We never really finished the guest room so it was kind of an easy transition. Obviously, the peach wasn't going to work. I started thinking about what I wanted the baby's room to be like as soon as I found out we were having a boy. Originally I was going to have Scarlett and baby share a room but now that we have a girl and a boy, I decided to give them each their own. Of course, being a lover of all things vintage, I wanted to add some vintage to his room but still keep it a bit modern. I love so many styles that I usually find that I'm attracted to the eclectic style. A mix of everything. So I started a mood board. I wanted to have some cute vintage accents and then bring in some modern furniture. I found the cutest sign on Etsy that described exactly what I wanted his room to say: "Adventure Awaits" It kind of became my inspiration for the whole room. I also started looking for hints of metal and wood to add more of a masculine feel to it. 

Mood Board: 
Baby Boy Nursery
It got painted a lovely shade of pale, with a hint of grey, blue. It's called Sweet Slumber by Valspar. It looked pretty blue going on but dried a nice pale shade. I love Valspar because I only have to use, literally, one coat and touch up corners a little. Valspar also makes a type that contains zero VOC's and is low odor. My older sister came over and helped Scarlett and I paint. It took all of but an hour and 1/2. We are kind of expert painters ;) Ty put the crib together and now the delivery game starts. I ordered most of the items to be shipped to our house so little by little, sweet packages keep arriving for Baby Boy's Room. 
I'm still working on this room but here's some hints to what it will look like. Scarlett goes into this room often and arranges his toys, looks around in curiosity and asks when he will be here. Makes me smile. She's the sweetest. This process has been really fun for me. I'm enjoying sharing the excitement with Scarlett. 

You can find more photos of this room as it progresses and other things on Instagram: itslaurenrebecca

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

27 Weeks.

It's 5:30 am right now and I'm up writing this because, well, let's face it...sleep is not my friend anymore. Entering the 3rd trimester here and just like textbook, I'm beginning to get all those end of pregnancy symptoms. Well, I guess I've had them for a few weeks now. They came on much earlier this time. My entire back feels like it's out of commission every morning, my right rib may very well be broken from my little boxer in there and I'm pretty sure that what I feel like is a cold in my chest is just some squished lungs. I wake up at 12:30 am and 2:30 am like clock work. At 5:45 am I'm up for the day. If you know me, I'm not a morning person at. all. But I've really been enjoying my quiet mornings. Just me and my boy with some decaf and my computer or an early morning TV show. I never watch TV so sometimes this is a nice way to ease into my day before work.

Sleep is something that I've grown accustomed to going without. Scarlett was never a good sleeper and I've just kind of gotten used to the middle of the night calls that even now at 3 1/2 years old, continue. Those cries from down the hall to go potty or have a sip of water don't bother me anymore. Waking up at 2:30 am and watching an old classic movie for 30 min before I can fall asleep again doesn't bother me. In fact, all the things that stressed me out the first time around, I'm more relaxed about this time. I know that it is all temporary. And I know that waking up twice a night is nothing compared to what it was like with my newborn Scarlett. I'm prepared for that all over again. And if I luck out and get one of those sleeper babies.....(not likely and do those really exist? haha) then I'll be thankful.

I sat down the other day and said, wow, in about 13 weeks, my baby will be here! At this point I'm glad that things are still going by quickly, however I do need to get on the ball with finishing the nursery and buying baby gear. I'm surprised by how much I need for the second baby. A lot of the things that I had for Scarlett I have gotten rid of and those that I kept, are outdated or have had recalls. Luckily her crib that she only used maybe 12 times is still usable.

One thing that I am still struggling to find is a stroller that will fit both an almost 4 year old that still likes to sit during long walks and a growing infant. At first I had my heart set on a Bugaboo Donkey but the weight maximum states 38 lbs in each seat....I'm pretty sure Scarlett weighs 40 lbs now. Anyone have the Donkey with feedback? Or any other suggestions?

I'm still working full time and taking care of a toddler when I'm not at work. I'm still doing my workouts which help with the back pain but I gotta tell yeah, I have many tired days. I know most of it is because I'm running on little sleep. But I make it work and I'm excited to start this new chapter in our lives as a family of 4. I know motherhood is going to be a lot different as a mother of two. I try and think of the ways that I will multi-task giving attention to Scarlett and caring for an infant. I'm not too worried about Scarlett adjusting to a new brother. My little girl is such a nurturer that I have a feeling she will be just like I was when I became a sister at 4 years old. I was over the moon thrilled to have a baby to care for; to pretend was my own. Scarlett's a natural little mother and I love that about her. She gives her baby brother a kiss good-bye everyday when I drop her off at daycare. Melts my heart. The teachers swoon at my sweet girl.

Feeling blessed...lucky and thankful because I've been on the other end of this. I've been very alone and without anything fulfilling. I've seen many dark days. I think when you have been to that point, you appreciate things a whole lot more. I know I do.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Scarlett's New Room. A Change.

I am sure that you know, I love changing things up in all aspects of life, my home is no exception. I love rearranging and sprucing things up. It doesn't help that I have this crazy urge to get things in order before baby either. Getting Scarlett into her new room was on the top of my to-do list. I spoke about how I convinced Scarlett to move into the spare bedroom next to her baby brother's room. She wasn't sure at first, but after we started the process, she was really excited. We condensed her toys, giving a lot of the baby toys to the baby and donating some of the other things.  Scarlett helped make a box of "Baby Boy Toys". It was so sweet!
Once I started going through her things, I was overwhelmed with how much stuff she had! (Her old room here.) It felt good to downsize and get her into a smaller but more organized room. We also packed up a few more boxes of Scarlett's clothes that no longer fit in hopes to make room for some spring clothes. (Still working on an Instagram Sale for all her clothes/shoes) Scarlett's face when she saw her new bedroom was the final thank you. She was elated and couldn't wait to sleep in there.

We kept her table and chairs in the guest suite along with a little art cart so that she can explore painting & crafts. I'm putting together a little art area in there for her. We also left her HUGE dollhouse in a little corner of the guest suite/office. It was just too big to put in the new room and the guest suite has plenty of room. I loved the change immediately. It is so much more functional. Now the wet-bar/coffee area can be used by guests instead of laying idle. Scarlett wasn't using it. The sink also works for her painting in which we can wash hands and brushes. But more on that later. For now, here is Scarlett's new bedroom....What do you think!?
I'd love to get a couple of colorful rugs to scatter on the floor. For now, this small Anthro rug works.
My mother found this gem of a piano in an estate and saved it for my Scarlett. It's vintage but works like new. The Piggy is also from my mother. She gave it to Scarlett when she was really sick in the hospital at 4 months old. It's a sentimental stuffed animal to us. 
These pillows were all collected over time for Scarlett.
The rag banner over her bureau is from her first birthday party
Tip for a Reading Nook: Scarlett loves these large cushions to sit on and read her books. Found some online that were outrageously priced! I bought these in the pet bed section of Home Goods for a 1/4 of the price.  
Purple Haired Dolly from The Land of Nod.