Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dress Around Your Accessories

Have you ever bought an awesome piece of jewelry or a chic accessory that you just LOVED?! But then you never wear it because you can't seem to find something that it goes well with? 
 I  do it all the time. I find a great piece and then it lays around my closet because I don't wear anything to compliment it. Problem Solver: I started dressing around my accessories. Take for instance, this......

It came out to be a swank ensemble, right? 
Try it. It is so much easier to do when you put it out in steps.
You can do it with jewelry, handbags, shoes....even scarves. 
Here is a couple more that I arranged.

Boho Bangle Accessory

Boho Bangle Accessory by lauren-379 featuring lemon jewelry

My accessory was a Kelita's Boho Bangle. 
1. I picked a dress that had a Boho vibe to match the bangle. Either one would work.
2. I picked boots/sandals to compliment the dress. 
3. I chose another piece of jewelry for each outfit to mix with the bangle. The white mood ring is contrasting the bangle, making it jive well. The layered beads, on the second outfit, are subtle, letting the bangle stand out. 
4. Grab a hand bag that is earthy or red toned. On the first outfit, the handbag brings out the red tones in the bangle. In the second outfit, the messenger bag is an earth tone (once again, subtle) to match the boho style.

If worse comes to worst, and you can't find anything to match your accessory, go for the mismatch or eclectic look. Take trendy, boho, or classic accessories and collide them. That's always fun to do. For instance, below: Take apart your matching bangles, using a few of each & opt for a mismatch combo that will go with many different outfits. 

Mixing Bracelets


  1. I have no idea how to put things together! You are so good at it :) I especially like the middle one. I love those boots and the white dress!

  2. Luuuuurve the chunky ring. I heart bright colors and am pumped to see so many vibrant ones out this season!

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