Sunday, January 1, 2012

Two homes.

When I went home to Massachusetts for Christmas, last week, I couldn't help but think how much I miss our cozy home. It's hard living in more than one place. Our house, in New York, is fully furnished and we brought a lot of our own stuff with us, as well. Knowing that, you would think I wouldn't buy anything else. Not so. I have still started accumulating double of everything for our two homes. I have come to realize that this could be dangerous when we combine everything in a couple months or so. Once we make a more permanent move, we will be taking all of our belongings with us, furniture included, and this could be a disaster of a move!

 For those of you who don't know, my newly announced fiancĂ©, (feels nice to say that) recently accepted a great job opportunity in management, in New York. (Something different for him since he was previously a licensed Electrician and a Firefighter.) He loves it! However, the position he took was temp to permanent. Now, coming to the end of the job within a few months, they would like him to stay with the company.  He has been offered a few other opportunities. Catch is, it will bring us traveling, yet again. This time, farther away. This is great news for his career and my love of the sun, and not-so-great news for our Massachusetts families who want to gobble up Scarlett every chance they get. 

We haven't decided for sure what we are going to do yet. We have a few other ideas up our sleeves that we are contemplating. But we do know that we, most likely, won't be staying in New York for more than several months longer. With this said, I need to stop accumulating things! I have come to accept the fact that I have a shopping problem! (Haha) But no, seriously, I do.

Ty says I can walk into any store and find something I want or need. How can you blame me when I find a vintage ceramic Jug that would look incredible on our porch? Or a steal of a dresser that would fit perfect in my dining room under my mirror! How about a nifty handmade sunglass pouch made in my favorite paisley? Or a rare, old liquor store wine rack? I cannot pass these things up!
Ty has to remind me that we have to move all of these things sooner or later. If we don't want to go home with a trunk full of things, I cannot enter a store. Of course, I am too money-conscious to go overboard and spend mountains of money. I shop for bargains or sales. Lately, my new obsession is vintage findings. (If you hadn't noticed) Finding deals are like scavenger hunts!  Ahhh, the glory of shopping. It is filling me with elation just writing about it! 

Back to my point. Like I said, I miss my cozy little home. I wish I could slap it on top of a truck and tote it wherever we go. I think that I have missed it so much that I have started filling our home, in New York, with things to make it as inviting as our other second home. Bad idea. This can only lead to stress for Ty come move time. We can barely fit all of our things in our truck (using the truck bed also) for one weekend trip!

I will be truly relieved once all of our belongings are in one place. Let's just hope that I will be able to move everything from two houses that our over a hundred miles apart, to a destination thousands of miles away! Yikes....I'm scared. lol.


  1. Hi! But is a move to Scottsdale possible in your future? We moved here about a year and a half ago and we LOVE it. It's definitely hot in the summer, but we love the sun and just spend as much time in our pool as possible. And it's not humid like NY.. :) Let me know if you guys really are moving out here!

  2. Okay I love your blog :) And I can totally relate to ALWAYS being able to find something you want/need. I followed! Stop by our blog sometime.


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