Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Future.

If you were to have met me 3 years ago, you might say I was a totally different person than I am today. Not that I have changed my true essence. It's that I have come so far. I have essentially grown and become a better person. It is amazing to me, how much can happen in such little time. Last year, I met true love. I bought a new house and I found out I was carrying a tiny life. 

This year was equally important. I will be a little sad on New Year's, only because I will watch such a wonderful year pass. In 2011, my beautiful Scarlett was born, Ty accepted a great job offer, we started a new adventure in New York, and last, but certainly not least, Ty proposed to me in the most thoughtful and romantic way. 

Whew....what a couple of years! 

For those reasons, I will be sad to say good-bye to 2011. It has been a prosperous year, indeed. Although I am nostalgic, I am very happy to welcome a brand new year! Look at all that has happened in the last 2 years! I can only imagine the possibilities for 2012.

I am super excited about the future, right now. I have SO many things planned for the up and coming year. Projects, parties, wedding planning and new places to decorate! I feel like Tori  One thing is for sure,  I won't be bored! I have already started planning Scarlett's First Birthday. I want it to be special and fun. Ty and I started talking about our wedding plans. There is no date set as of yet, and we haven't decided on a traditional or a destination wedding; But I just think you can never start planning too early! I am still working on my writings. That is a given.  I've also started the task of redecorating our home. I never really got the chance to decorate when I was working full time. So I tackled that project a bit.

Yes, things have been better than ever! Am I gloating? Yes, I am (just a little). I think I deserve bragging rights since I haven't always been so happy.  I have a feeling the future has more good stuff in store for us.

Right now, we are making some major decisions for the future. Although I am not able to divulge too much, I can say that we have many options to decide upon, including one option that would lead us to somewhere warm and sunny ;) Yes, that most likely means New York won't be our permanent home. We'll be off to our next adventure soon. 

Wherever life takes us, and whatever God has in store for us, I'm ready. I've realized that home is where your family is. So wherever life takes us, I will be happy as long as I have Ty & Baby Scarlett. 

And so I say, farewell 2011. Thanks for all the golden moments and blissful memories.  Bring on the New Year! 

Here is my Recap:

The Day I drove By him...

Here's to a New Year of memories & happiness!
 Happy New Years!!!


  1. love these photos! your little girl is sooo cute!!!

    Jenna Duty

  2. your new house is so cute and i love your ring!

  3. You DO deserve to brag!! <3 u!!


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