Monday, December 12, 2011


Moments. Life is many moments that are strung together. Good moments. Bad moments. Happy and sad moments. They define us. They build us...So much can change in just one moment.

Of course my next blog had to be about my heart-filled moment last night. 

 Ty's Birthday. December 11, 2011. We had a wonderful but simple day, spending time with each other and the baby. I asked Ty what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said he would like to go to Maestro's downtown for dinner. It sounded like a nice evening. 

The scene was beyond romantic. I kept thinking, what a nice place, What a great dinner. The wine was delicious, the food was to die for and the lighting was perfect. The giant lit Christmas tree on the balcony was festive and made me all warm and happy inside. Ty looked happy and I was thinking, This night couldn't get any better.

Well, it could. 

I ordered Pumpkin Souffle for dessert. As we waited, I chatted and laughed with Ty. When the chef came out to personally serve me my dessert, I thought, "This really is a nice restaurant!" I briefly noticed a gathering of people around in the background. 
"How are you this evening?" He asked. "I'm good, thank you." I replied. He set down a crystal platter and unveiled a small box.  "What is this?" I asked. I looked to Ty who smiled. 
Shaking, I opened the box to unveil a beautiful pear shaped diamond in a halo setting. Vintage inspired.

Just the one I would have picked.

Tears. They streamed. "But it's your birthday." I said. Ty's words came, 
"I would like nothing more for my birthday, then to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

As soon as I managed to speak, 
YES!!! Yes a million times over! 

Kissing and hugging him, I could hear the "Awww's" of people in the background. 
He made his day, my day

I told Ty a long time ago, that I loved being surprised. I loved the romance and thoughtfulness of it. I have never been so surprised. Once again, he listened to me, and made my dreams come true. I stare at my ring every few minutes and I can't help but smile. It is an incredible feeling knowing that he wants to spend the rest of his life with ME! He has made all my childhood fairytale dreams and adult forever-afters come true. He proves to me time and time again, that true love does exist. 

I'm a lucky girl and I don't take this for granted. This sparkle on my finger reminds me that I will soon be the future Mrs. LaFountaine. It reminds me of Ty's unconditional love for me. It reminds me of our life together and all that is to come; the good, the bad, whatever life gives us, we are in it together.  Forever.

Forever never sounded so good.
I am sparkling, inside and out....


  1. Such an awesome proposal. And he did a fabulous job with the ring!

  2. This is truly such a a heart touching love story and proposal. I am truly happy for you that you find the man that loves you unconditionaly and gave you such a precious lil girl.
    So glad I came across your blog, your way of writing goes under my skin and touches my heart. I am so looking forward to more posts of you. You are such a talent and brave sharing your lovey story with us :-)

    <3 from Germany

  3. holy shit ! awesome ring ....and so wierd but last name is LaFontaine...!hahaha

  4. This story brought tears to my eyes. So romantic and so wonderful!

  5. This was such a sweet post, so romantic :) Congratulations on your happy news!!


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