Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wknd At The Ocean Continued.

The second part of our little getaway was just as grand as the first part. If you didn't view it, you can do that HERE
We checked into The Wentworth By The Sea Hotel & Spa. We were all exhausted from a day in the sun but still needed to grab a bite to eat. The hotel held three restaurants. Two were inside the hotel and  one was right on the marina. Of course, I opted for outdoor dining. (My favorite thing ever) We went to Latitude's and had a late evening bite to eat. After, we viewed the beautiful harbor. The halcyon boats at night, rocked peacefully and pleased my spirit. It was the perfect tranquility ender to a great day.
We went back to our hotel room where we put our little baby to sleep. She was surprisingly well behaved for having no naps, yet again. Then Ty and I stood out on the balcony over looking the ocean and breathed in the sea air. Some lovey-dovey time....Then, before you know it, we were out like lights.

The next morning, we woke up to room service serving us fresh coffee and muffins. 
We took our time getting up. Scarlett took in the view from our hotel balcony doors. Even she seemed to enjoy the lovely view of the sea. We went to the marina and took a look at all the boats and yachts. Ty was really into the boat viewing! So much that he is determined that we are buying one now....fine by me. We stopped by the pool and then checked out. We headed back to my mother's camp where we spent the rest of the day having a cookout with family. We grabbed ice cream before packing up and leaving. And then it was the gruesome long drive home. Waking up Monday morning...I was still hoping I was away. But what golden memories we made this weekend. 
What I Wore Here.


  1. Hey! I've been following your blog for awhile now. I have to tell you I think you are a inspiration. You are so strong, smart, stylish & seem to be a great mother & partner.
    Your story about your past & mine are very similar, except I had my daughter with my bad ex & met my prince charming afterwards.
    I truly enjoy & love your blog~it's one of my favs!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! What a wonderful trip! Your little girl is precious!

  3. Looks like a blast and I am in love with your shorts!!!

    She is just adorable!!!

  4. I love that photo of Scarlett peeking from behind the chair! You are both stylin' beach babes! The marina is so pretty...I can feel the peace and relaxation in your words. Wishing you many more sweet getaways in the future!
    Have a happy Thursday!

  5. Great pics! Doesn't it suck coming back to reality!? That's what I'm feeling now.

  6. Love your outfit in that last pic. Following via bloglovin'!!!

  7. What a gorgeous hotel!! Looks like a great place to relax for a bit.

  8. How delightful! I so miss the salty air.

  9. What a beautiful place to go and get away for a little while. And your outfit seemed to fit the scenery wonderfully! I have to ask - where did you get those adorable shorts?!

  10. You are so freakin' stylish, girl! hahaha. I'm your newest follower over from the wiegands! Hope to see you over at our blog, The Moores!


  11. This looks like so much fun! What a beautiful family you have! I'm so glad you linked up to the Mommy-Brain Mixer, friend! I hope to see you again next week! :)


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