Friday, July 20, 2012

New Friends.

It's friday again. Unexpectedly, this week went by rather quickly. I'm assuming that it was because I've been uber busy with Scarlett all week long. Lately, I look at Scarlett and think, "Little girl, you have the life." We do a lot together. Library Meet ups, Play groups, pool days and park meets.  I love doing things with her and seeing her develop into such a wonderful little girl. She's getting so smart. So big. So funny! There's not a day that goes by that she doesn't humor me. 
 I met someone, here in New York.  I met her through a Mothers/Babies group, here in New York, which is amazing! They have an entire calendar of events for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. I started taking Scarlett there about 3 weeks ago. I wanted her to have some baby interaction and keep active. And it wouldn't hurt for me to meet now people either. I have met many wonderful mothers there. But last week, I met one girl who I completely hit it off with. We have a lot in common. We are both first time mothers to baby girls. We are both engaged and we are both adjusting to living in New York after moving from other states. I couldn't believe that she is in the exact same position as me. Her fiancĂ© travelled here for work and works long hours like Ty does.

We have been hanging out for just over a week and we have been having so much fun! Her daughter and Scarlett love playing together. I am so happy that I met this girl! It's refreshing to have someone to hang out with. Yesterday, we went to Peter, Paul and George Family Dance that they had in the downtown park. They sang and played music while all the babies bopped around and listened to the songs. We laid our blankets out and relaxed with the babies. After, a couple of the girls and I walked around and did some shopping for the littles. We paused for lunch at an outdoor Cafe while the babes napped. It was, in deed, a really fun day.

I have been here for almost a year now. It seems like just yesterday that we found out we were up and moving to New York with 3 weeks notice. But it has taken me this long to finally start to meet people. It didn't help that we moved here when winter was creeping up and people were starting to hibernate. But my point is, it is really hard to start over. Finding where stores and restaurants are. Getting around places. Learning the roads here. Making friends and meeting new people. It's like your whole life is a chalkboard. It's wiped clean and you have to start filling it back up again. I never thought it would be such a challenge. I love it here in New York!! But the fact that I have someone to talk with now, and people to go places with, makes it that much better!!  I feel like I was supposed to meet this girl. Like we both needed someone and then, just like that...our paths crossed. I'm glad that we have the chance to get to know each other and let our little girls play. I'm happy that both Scarlett & I have met new friends.
And with that, I'm going to go finish packing.
We are leaving, yet again, this weekend for a friend's wedding near Boston.
I feel like we live in hotels this month.
But I'm pretty excited that when we return on Sunday, we will be bringing with us,
friends from Mass to help ring in my birthday this Monday....
But that's a whole other post all together ;)


  1. Awesome. I love when you hit it off w a new friend. We all need that from time to time:) have a great trip!

  2. Well Happy early Birthday!

    I can't imagine starting a whole new life in a whole new place. It takes a lot of strength and courage. I am glad to hear it's working out for you.

    I've enjoyed getting to know a little about you and your family! Thanks for blogging!

    OH! And welcome to New York! I certainly love it!!

    Ashley :)

  3. Making Mommy friends is the best!! Looks like such a cute little crew!!

  4. I am so happy you are meeting people! I know what you mean about starting over... It's hard. We've lived in Rochester for a few years now and I still haven't made any mom friends. It makes me want to move back where we know people.


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