Sunday, July 22, 2012

Overwhelmed By You...

We attended a wedding today. I love weddings. 
Today reminded me that in less than one year, we will be married...
It's hard to believe.
Tim McMorris stole the words from out of my heart when he sang "Overwhelmed". 
My song for Ty...

  "I am overwhelmed by you....
Overcome with joy.
You've taken me higher. 
And shown me what love can do.
Where would I go or be...
without you?"


  1. new follower! love this song and this post! thanks for sharing!

    stop by sometime!

  2. you always have the most stunning photos. i love railroad shots and you and ty look amazing - the photos are so romantic.
    great lyrics too. <3

  3. Love the photos and the song! Just stopping by from Lowercase letters. :)

  4. Lovely photos and the song is so so beautiful!

  5. beautiful photos! i'm feeling the same-- i'm getting married next month and feel overwhelmed but filled with happiness and excitment :)

    andrea brionne

  6. Beautiful pictures! Enjoy your engagement!

  7. Awe what wonderful photos! Love the one of you two kissing across the tracks. Just adorable! Xo Kelly


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