Monday, July 16, 2012

What I Packed.

I went on a mini getaway this past weekend to the ocean. I am a horrible packer. I usually pack about 4 bags full of stuff, even for a couple days. I always think, "Well we might need this." We usually don't. Then we never have enough room in the vehicle and the concierge gives me strange looks as he unpacks our, stuffed to the brim, trunk. Haha. But this time, I only packed the essentials and fit everything in one, I repeat, ONE bag! I learned that it is quite helpful to bring item that you can mix and match.
Ty was proud of me. lol.
And I have some vaca pictures to come for you all....
But first, I am on my way to bring Scarlett to Baby Workshop class.
To view me wearing these outfits click HERE & HERE.Weekend Getaway.

Sequin shirt  (Similar)

$19 - (Similar)

Victoria s Secret beach bikini

Warehouse denim cutoff shorts
$23 -

Tory burch flip flops

Summer handbag

Gold pendant necklace

Beauty product


  1. super cute suitcase full of stuff =) i do the exact same thing.i get my outfits together of what i planned but then i pack all these "just in case i dont feel like wearing that..or in case its cold...or in case i need extra socks..." ive learned to just pack what i originally plan, because i rarely use the "just in case's" =)

  2. those white ruffled shorts are awesome and so different than anything i've seen around. that pink bikini is so cute too! love your style.
    i lol at your packing dilemma. i do the same thing all the time. steve shakes his head and laughs. we could be going to AC for one night and i pack 4 outfits. ;)
    yay for packing one bag!
    hope you and scarlett had fun at the class. <3

  3. I always pack WAY too much! Glad you got everything in one bag, I'm impressed!

  4. I always ALWAYS over pack. Its a habit, rather it be for a weekend trip of a week long trip. Props to you!!!!!

  5. Love those nude sandal wedges! Everything is cute, though!

  6. I'm a notorious over-packer which can be a problem with baggage weight limits on carry-on only flights! Love the floppy hat :)

  7. I have the same VS suit :) Love the white shorts.


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