Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend At The Ocean

Can I just tell you, that our little getaway this weekend...perfect! It could have been a little longer, 
but despite not being long enough, it was such a great weekend.

We had planned to leave early Saturday morning so we could beat traffic. Early as in: 4 am. When Ty got home from work Friday afternoon, he asked me if I would be up for leaving that night instead and getting a hotel half way there. It made sense. We wouldn't have to get up as early and we could drive while the baby slept. I told him to see if he could find a hotel and I'd get the baby ready. We found a hotel about an hour away from the beach. Ty confirmed the reservations and we did a quick pack up of the suv. Scarlett didn't sleep as expected. Instead, she was glued to movies on the dvd player. I had to turn it off before she would fall asleep. 
At 11:30 pm, we checked into our first hotel. It was a nice little spontaneous decision to leave Friday night. At 12:30 am, Ty and I laid in bed laughing and being silly. I don't know why, but when I'm overtired, I laugh hysterically about nothing and come up with the silliest things. After Ty said, "Oh brother, you need to go to sleep, you are over-tired." we cuddled up and fell asleep. 
The next morning, we ate breakfast and were beach bound. We got there nice and early and spent some great quiet time at the beach, before everyone got there. Peaceful & Relaxing.  
That is how I would describe that entire day. I brought the Rebel to capture a few memories...
For dinner, we went with my family to a delicious restaurant in town. We ate fried Zucchini, Hollywood Wraps, and drank margaritas. Well...I did. Poor Ty has been on the Keto diet to, get in shape, and he can't eat many carbs. But he still enjoyed his steak & his much-deserved weekend beer. We went back to their camp to hang out for awhile. We were going to take a cruise in my Mother's boat for a little ocean sight seeing. Unfortunately, it broke down so that never happened. Scarlett didn't nap all day. There was too much excitement. Too many new discoveries. Did I mention that she didn't want to step in the sand the first time on the beach? She held her feet up and then cried when I sat her in it. That's not like my fearless baby! But we gave her 10 minutes and she was playing with her sand toys, squishing the sand between her tiny fingers and of course, licking it. Ty even built her a sand castle. By 7:00, we decided we would head out to check into our 2nd hotel, The Wentworth By The Sea Hotel & Spa. 
 (Second Part of Our Weekend here)


  1. Beautiful weekend! Nothing better than a trip to the beach to relax your body and restore your soul. So funny that Scarlett didn't like the sand at first.

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful trip and photos with us at tip toe thru tuesday! We were able to sneak away for just a day this weekend to the beach too!

  3. your trip looks like it was MAGIC! i need a little beach getaway with our little family ASAP! and now i want a rebel, too.....

    xo, amanda :)

  4. i get to go to the beach next week! this made me even more excited!

  5. Beautiful pictures! It looks like a fantastic beach getaway!

  6. Looks like fun times :) It's hard for us to go to the beach here in NJ 'cause you have to PAY to use them. To even walk out onto the sand. It's sick.

  7. Gorgeous pictures! I love the picture of Scarlett yawning, so sweet! And the one of her in your sunglasses. I have a picture like that when I was a baby.

  8. the picture of Ty and Scarlett looking at each other is sooo precious! so is the next one of you and her.

    thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

    **see i'm not lurking anymore :)

    1. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos and memories! I love being spontaneous and leaving for trips in the middle of the night like that...it makes it even more fun! The beach photos are beautiful...the ones of you and Ty...Scarlett with you both!
      And omygosh, so cute - the little white top and shorts - Model!!! :)
      Glad you enjoyed your time away!

  9. Looks like so much fun! Glad you had such a great weekend.

  10. this makes me want to go to the beach! and borrow your entire closet...including that fabulous pink floppy hat! :)

  11. great pictures, looks like such a fun trip!! i love that white lace crop top!

  12. Looks like y'all had a great time! I love that pic of your little one yawning - too adorable! ;)

  13. Photos are stunning. You are so gorgeous mama!


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