Thursday, February 3, 2022

Back to my Roots for Halloween 2021

 Halloween has grown on me. It has never been one of my favorite holidays. I guess maybe back when I was a young kid. We would go to my cousin's tiny historical neighborhood in New Salem, MA. Those memories were for sure some of the best! But once I hit my teenage years, I really never cared too much for Halloween. Didn't do the parties or the dressing up much. I think once you have kids, things change. They get so excited to dress up each year. We have started a tradition where we all dress up as a family. It's been really fun for me and I love that it's something the kid's enjoy being part of with us. In 2018 we did THIS. Last year, we did the Addams Family and I don't know if we can top that!! See that HERE.  Ty's head was MADE for Fester hahahah.

I thought long and hard and went back and forth a few times on what to dress up as in 2021. But I landed on my Scandinavian roots. I have a soft spot for Frozen movies since I am Norwegian and Swedish. Hence Vera's middle name after my Scandinavian grandmother, Solveig. Also, since Vera came into the family, it's been all that we watch. She is not really into many Disney movies but Frozen is on the top list of things she loves to watch. So this year, it seemed like the perfect fit. I struggled with who would be what characters. I knew that Scarlett would be a good Anna and Elsa seemed to be a good fit for me. Tiny Vera made sense for Olaf. But I originally was going to have Ty be Kristoff. Which...was a horrible fit. Haha. The no hair thing wasn't working. So Maxwell took that role and I had to think hard about Ty's costume. We landed on Sven since he was more a prominent character in the movie. Ty is such a good sport with all my crazy ideas! No hesitation on putting on the deer costume!! Ha! 

We had another great Halloween. 

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