Saturday, February 13, 2021

October was a GOOD Month.

October was one of the better months of 2020!!  It was the month that we found out Ty was coming back!!!! For good. Eeeek!!! And we had a pretty rad Halloween. I got a lot of fun decorating in and I just felt like things were aligning well. I felt that it would be great to get into the Halloween spirit since the kids didn't have a whole lot to look forward to this year. I have wanted to be The Addams Family for Halloween for over 4 years now. This year, the kids were finally into it. We had the best time. Our neighborhood did trick or treating "social distance" style and it was a blast! They made contraptions to bring snacks to kids and tunnels for candy to shoot down to them. We left out candy in baggies for kids and even some drinks for the adults. It was a month that goes down in the books as "Good Times". We prepped for Ty to come back home and it felt like everything was aligning well. Lots of people asked about my bats that I used inside and spiders that we put out on the front of the house. They were both from Amazon and I linked them HERE and HERE.

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