Saturday, November 3, 2018

Happy Halloween Two Thousand Eighteen!!!

Halloween was a fun one this year. I'm not sure why but the last couple of years I really wasn't that into Halloween. Last year Ty and I didn't dress up at all. Granted we had just arrived in Texas a day before. This year was different. I had costumes picked out a month beforehand, mums and pumpkins, bowls of candy for the trick or treaters and Halloween movies ruled the tv.  I let the kids pick what they wanted to be for their school parties and for a few Halloween events/costume contests that we went to. These 2 watch Moana at least once a week and then they reenact it for hours after. I suggested maybe they should be them for Halloween since they like them so much. They screamed "YAAA!!!!" and that was that. Scarlett had the hair and if you saw my Instagram a week ago, you know that Maxwell has "the bod!" Maxwell even had the most adorable preschool Halloween parade where they did some dancing to spooky music. 

 We also picked a family costume to wear together for actual Halloween. I mean, I didn't get my first choice on this round. I have wanted to be the Addams Family for like 3 years now. Scarlett would be the perfect little pale-faced, dark-haired Wednesday. I could pull off a great Morticia and Ty....well he could def be Fester with that big bald head of his. lol. Maybe next year....
This year Ty suggested Game of Thrones and since I do love using the "mother of dragons" term quite often, I figured that it would be fun. The kids were excited to be dragons too. 

There are lots of kids from Scarlett's school and even class in our neighborhood. This made for an awesome time. The temperature was perfect too! A nice 68 degrees that night. I love watching the kids light up as they go from house to house in their costumes shouting, "trick or treat!". I guess I live a little vicariously through them as well....just a little. ;)
When we got back to the house after their bags were bursting full of candy, the kids all played outside with friends while Ty popped open a pumpkin beer and chatted with the neighbors. I had clean-eating chili in the crockpot awaiting us. The fall candles I had burning throughout the house made it even more cozy. It just felt like a very festive Halloween.  This Halloween goes down in the books as a good time. 

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