Sunday, November 11, 2018

Weekend Vibes: Pumpkin Season & Our Next Move...

So late on posting this but it's technically still pumpkin season, right? Texas pumpkin patches are a little different than we are used to. Still there was no scarcity of pumpkins. And we found them and bought way too many of them. So many that I already had to clean up leaking, rotting pumpkins off of the front steps. Not a pleasant time or smell. Note to self, next year wash and preserve them. 

On this day it was 90 degrees outside. I'm still getting used to the fact that seasons are different here. So shorts it was. We also had a picnic and then took a little stroll down a nature path. Just a laid back weekend with the kiddos. 

We are getting ready to make our next step over here. Ty's work contract is coming up and we are deciding on what and where we are going to go next. Our original plan was to come back to New York, but things are currently slow in NY and so there may not be a need for us there right now. Which means we need to figure out what we want to do. And this also means that we could potentially be leaving in the middle of the holidays!  I tell you, there are SO many options and opportunities and ideas looming right now, including staying here a bit longer possibly. It's kind of overwhelming and it's kind of frustrating not knowing. We are ultimately looking for where we want to settle down and lay roots. And to be honest, we have no idea where that is right now. Thinking of leaving Texas at this moment, does bring a lot of mixed emotions. The kids have made friends and settled in nicely. Scarlett loves her horse lessons here, we've found Doctors that we love and found places that we will miss. It's hard to think about packing it all up and going elsewhere, especially if it's not back to New York. 

I think back to when we first got this opportunity to come here and how nervous I was about uprooting the kids. I didn't really know if we were making the right choice. And one morning I was driving in the car by myself and this song came on HERE
And I just remember thinking, screw it. Why the hell not?! I'm up for adventure. I live by this a lot lately. If it's meant to be it'll be.  Here we are a year later and it's ended up being a great experience for us all. We've grown a lot and I, personally, have learned to live in an area SO very different from where I was raised. I never travelled a lot or went many places during my childhood. I find it very eye-opening to see new places and a part of me wants more of that. With that said, I'm also homesick for my friends/fam and a permanent house. I have not made ONE friend here in Texas this past year. I realize that working from home has a lot to do with that. And the crazy part is that this extrovert hasn't been lonely at all. In fact, I've been SO busy that I haven't had time to even think about it. Working, the kids, working-out, trying to stay eating well, getting a new dog, planning vacations and then going on them, friends and family visiting....this year was a REALLY full and busy year. I can't wait to share a recap of this come December.
And yet, I feel there is so much more awaiting...

But until our next decision, here we are and I'm trusting that God will help us make a good decision. Something we want but more importantly, something we need. Whether that's bringing us back to the East Coast or staying here...or a whole new adventure altogether. Somehow things always come together how they should. 
If it's meant to'll be, right?

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