Saturday, November 17, 2018

Weekend Vibes: Date Days, Stomach Bugs & Travel Plans.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. The kids got sick this past week. The stomach bug hit our house in full force and let's just say it was not a nice one. Lots of holding kids 24/7, ER trips, scrubbing puke out of car seats and rugs and all the rest of the joys that come along with nasty bugs. Sigh...

Then it hit me on Monday and has not been kind to me all week. Want to lose a quick 7 lbs? Come visit me and catch the stomach bug!! I'm praying Ty stays well since we leave for Boston in a couple days. We have a week in Massachusetts visiting with friends and family and then another trip planned in December to New York. I just went crazy and bought the kids probiotics, vitamins, and even some natural remedy shots for us adults. Loading up on the water and spraying down the house with this stuff HERE.

Before the sickness hit the house and all hell broke loose, Ty and I took a date day by ourselves. I am the date night queen. It's super important to get time away without the kids. We love bringing them with us places and spending time with them but it's so easy to lose that spark between each other when you are focusing so much on kids and work and....ya know, cleaning puke. lol. So we go out alone as often as we can. This day we didn't have any plans really. We got a sitter for the whole day and just had a spontaneous day. I had to try on a dress for an upcoming wedding so we went to do that. Then we grabbed some food and drinks at Down on Grayson in downtown San Antonio which is a favorite now. Then we did some shopping. I do most of my Christmas shopping online but it's still fun to get some stocking stuffers and odds and ends. So we did that along with getting ourselves a few things. Because we don't do the Christmas gift thing for ourselves, we kind of just get what we want throughout the year. I'm honestly so spoiled all year long and am fortunate to have everything I need and more, that I don't want anything for Christmas besides spending time with family & friends, good food and watching the kids open gifts. The things I want can't be bought anyhow. Well, besides a really good food processor....I could use one of those to make some raw bars  ;)
We came back at the end of the day refreshed and missing the kids. We had a movie night with them and made some popcorn and snacks. On Sunday we took them and the dog to the Farmer's Market. The kids love visiting the Farmer's Market and have since they were very little. We are lucky to be able to visit it year round here in Texas.
Moral of our weekend: It's sickness season so load up on the immunity boosters & take a date day/night even if it doesn't seem possible. That is all.


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