Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Heading out for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

 The last 2 days the kids and I have been barricaded inside the house looking like the homeless in our sweatpants and top knots, sweatshirts and me with zero make-up. Kids are off for Thanksgiving break and there's been no reason to get dressed or bother with craziness like leaving the house. Ha ha. Although I did make a Target run to grab a few things. It was kind of nice to do NOTHING. I don't do that very often. I'm usually on the go or busy-busy doing something. We leave tomorrow to head back east and I figured a couple days of nothing was in order. I'm STILL recouping from this terrible stomach bug that I got over a week ago! It's definitely better but after a week of not eating and losing weight that I didn't want to, I was ravenous! On Saturday, I thought I was 100% better and I just ATE. ALL. DAY. LONG. Pizza, cheesy popcorn, smoothies, chips and guac, cheese, toast and peanut butter...I mean the list goes on. This was a really dumb idea and by the end of the day I was sick again. Needless to say, the last few days I've been eating very little because I WILL be better by tomorrow and plan to eat and drink savagely on Thanksgiving. LOL.

We are headed back to Boston to see Ty's side of the family and then then afterwards we plan to take a couple days to go back to our home town and see my dad and some long lost friends. Kids are pumped to see snow!! We looked at the weather for Thanksgiving in Boston and it looks like a chilling 0 degrees!! Our blood is gonna be in shock after a year in Texas. But I am just so excited to be with family this Thanksgiving since last year we were solo in TX. It was really quite lonely. I am such a party gal. I ADORE when the family gets together for holidays. I will miss my side of the family this year but we plan to see them on Christmas so all will be right.

My suitcase is absolutely ridiculous and may not pass the weight limit...I'm just stuffing it shut and praying. All that cold weather gear takes space!!! I'm also praying for no delays. We have a really late flight into Boston and any delay could mean zero sleep for us the night before Thanksgiving.....actually, I do believe I've had quite a few wild Thanksgiving Eves so I should be ok even with no sleep, right??? Haha. I am NOT a plane sleeper. Actually, I cannot nap regardless. Don't know why, just never was my thing. Even when I was younger I remember waking up crabbier than when I fell asleep.

As I pack up the last of my carry on items and sip this delicious lemon water, (can you hear the sarcasm?)  I am watching Scarlett smother Cubby (our Goldendoodle) to death with love since she is so upset that he can't come with us. I told her he will be fine since our babysitter (who happens to be our dog-sitter also) is taking him while we are gone and will give him LOTS of love. Whether you are staying home and hosting Thanksgiving this year or heading out on the road, be safe!!! And Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! I hope it's filled with lots of tryptophan, a few good cocktails and lots of love & family.


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