Saturday, December 1, 2018

Pieces of Thanksgiving in Cape Cod

We traveled back to Massachusetts for Thanksgiving. We flew into Boston the night before and landed at 1am. Our first part of the trip didn't really go as planned. The rental company that we booked the rental car through 3 months prior gave our suv away!!! So we sat at the airport until 3am with crying babies waiting for them to try and figure something out. Ty may or may not have flipped out on the worker. And I may or may not have had to bring him back to calm. (Wow isn't that roles reversed!). Out of ALL of the rental companies at Boston airport, of course there wasn't one single rental car left. Families were sitting on the floor waiting for the next car to be dropped off. I was thanking GOD when the manager responded to my text at 2 am and somehow got us an SUV. I have never been so happy to see a vehicle in my life! Haha. 

Then we drove to Ty's sister's place in Boston who thankfully only lives 15 minutes from the airport. And from there everything was looking up. The next morning we headed out to Chatham Ma on the Cape.  The drive there was SO pretty. I forgot how much I love the colors and New England's beauty. I posted on Instagram about how easy it is to take for granted the everyday. And how when you don't have that anymore, you appreciate it a whole lot more. This was definitely what happened when we moved to Texas. There is so much about the east coast that I really DO miss. From the colonial houses to the colors. Even the way people talk! I went into Dunkin Donuts and just tuned into conversations going on around me. That Boston accent just made me nostalgic. When we were living in MA, we never noticed it but after being in NY for so long and now here in TX, going back really makes me realize that there definitely IS a "Mass accent". 

We spent Thanksgiving with Tyler's side of the family and with our soon to be brother-in-law's family! We felt SO welcomed as soon as we got to their adorable coastal house on the Cape. We had THEE best time. Sangria making, crafts for the kids, Christmas music, SO much food, Ocean views, games, football, beignet making, shopping the shops in quaint Chatham, Irish coffees and the most amazing clam chowder ever....or should I say, clam chowdah. ;) They brought us to see a real GIANT gingerbread house made of all candy that stood taller than me! Just so much greatness squeezed into a couple days. The kids were sad to go and all the way from the Cape back to western MA they were talking about how they wanted to go back! From there we went to my hometown. I haven't been there in YEARS but that is a whole other post since I have so much to share in this post already. So here goes the photo overload....Just gotta remember it all. I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Sending love to ALL of those that I was missing this holiday. I thought of every one of you...

    ....annnnnndddd this song was stuck in my head all weekend. This trip back to MA truly got me in the holiday mood. Can't wait to go back and visit again!!

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