Friday, June 19, 2020

Pieces of April. 2020

It was a low key April. We did a lot of gym prep and hikes/nature walks. The kids were in their glory staying home with us. It had it's challenges but for the most part, it was a nice slow down. A time that we will probably never get again for quite some time. It took some getting used to. It was strange to have us all in the house at one time, with no rushing to leave or driving kids anywhere. But once we got over the shock of change, I realized that this was a pause in time that we will never get to experience again and we should take advantage of it. Suddenly we had more time. Suddenly it was a 7 day weekend. All the things that we wished for, right?? Sure online learning wasn't our favorite or trying to get work done with kids home 24/7, but it still had it's wonderful moments. Hikes and lots of time in nature. Connecting. Games and playful time with the kids. And of course, lots of time to soak up this new baby of mine. Can't say I minded a glass of wine at 4pm now and then. Ha. And I certainly enjoyed time. Time to watch my kids grow. We hardly ever get that. I learned that we as people are rarely happy with what we got. We yearned for 7 day weekends and then when we got it, we groaned and moaned that we had to stay home with our kids. Life is about enjoying what we have here in front of us, RIGHT THIS MOMENT. We can always wait for things to be better or more this or that. It won't matter. It will never be enough unless we can learn to appreciate the now. The moment that we are in no matter what stage. This is the lesson I learned here in April. Indeed this pandemic has taught me lots. Patience. How to slow down. Conquering my fear of missing out (FOMO). Change and how to adapt quickly. I'm not saying every moment was bliss. I had moments of boredom being the extrovert I am. But we all adapt and learn when we have to, don't we? 

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