Saturday, June 13, 2020

Mother's Day: Camping South Padre Island

We surprised the kids with a little adventure for Mother's Day week. We told Scarlett it was an extra surprise for her birthday...and it was a little bit of my Mother's Day gift as well. We pulled up a 34' Class A RV to the front of the house and loaded it up for the week. Food, games, bedding and cookware. We rented it from a place called American Dream Vacations.

Ty and I owned our own camper back before we got pregnant with Scarlett. It was a smaller Fifth Wheel but it was perfect for just us. Then Scarlett came along and as newbie parents, we didn't use it as much. We ended up selling it a couple years later. We talk about buying another one. We love the adventure of traveling and now that we are in Texas, we are pretty central to go anywhere. With the gym opening soon, and Vera still a baby, we figure right now we have enough on our plates. So we keep this in our back pockets for when the time is right. But this trip was such a fun week away. Especially since the last vacation that we really took was before I got pregnant with Vera. I was feeling super sick and had no interest in going anywhere.  Then after she was born, Coronavirus hit so we have been in this house here for months and months and months. Texas opened back up it's state parks and beaches the week before we went. We decided we wanted to visit South Padre Island. We stayed at a KOA since we have stayed in an RV at another KOA in Cape Cod before and it was nice.

The 5 hour drive there was comical. The rain started in and the wiper broke. We had to stop numerous times during Flash Flood Warnings to try and fix it. We had planned to get there at around 7pm but didn't end up getting there until 10pm. So we set up in the dark with the kids all asleep. But we woke up the next morning to the best ocean air hitting our faces and the sound of birds chirping. We ate breakfast outside and enjoyed the sunshine. We still had work to do so we kept the weekdays focused on that while the kids played in the sand and playground right in front of our site.
We are a family that loves adventure. We aren't the type to stay home because we have young kids. When Coronavirus hit, we had to change our entire lives. I can't say it was easy. But we managed to get creative in ways that we could stay away from people and still go on an adventure. We had a fun time camping on the ocean, watching movies from the outside of the RV and cooking camp style. Another great Mother's Day weekend!!!

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