Sunday, June 28, 2020

Scarlett Turns 9 & Maxwell Turns 5

Birthdays this year were different. As was everything. Scarlett turned 9 in May and Maxwell turned 5 in June. Every year we rotate between having parties and doing experiences. This year was supposed to be an experience or travel for them, know. Corona. So we just had special small parties at home with a few things that they each asked for. Scarlett wanted stuffed animals and lasagna. Maxwell wanted Dino cupcakes and presents. We made their days special by doing whatever they wanted throughout the whole day. For Scarlett, she woke up to the back porch decorated for her. Maxwell got up early to help me. He was so proud to tell her that he helped wrap her presents. She was so excited over just simple decorations and a few small gifts. I made her lasagna for lunch and sang to her over ice cream cake. I have thrown Scarlett many elaborate parties. But it was this year that she exclaimed, "This was the best birthday ever!" Which just goes to show that the little things really are the best. I love how appreciative my kids are. Of course Maxwell can be a tad greedy when it comes to gifts lol. But for the most part, they are really both so appreciative and love everything that we do for them. 

Maxwell woke up to the kitchen decorated in dinosaurs. He ate about 3/4 of the cupcakes in one day lol. But I didn't mind as much since I made them from scratch and they were organic. We went out for pancakes that morning. It seems to be a ritual for Maxwell each morning on his birthday. Then we came home and let him open some presents. Maxwell is all about the presents. So he got a new Spiderman bike and helmet! His knees were hitting the handlebars on his old one. He also got a remote control monster truck and a couple small things.
They really were so pleased with the small little events that we had for them. My kids are getting so big. I secretly cry sometimes thinking about how quickly the time has gone by. I cherish these wonderful childhood moments. It does get chaotic at times. But having them little is such a fun time in my life. We made the best of our social distanced birthdays this year. Hopefully next year we will be able to travel a bit more. But for now, the smiles on my kid's faces was proof that we were able to give them a special birthday just the same. 

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