Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Post Pregnancy Journey: Sample Week: Wednesday


Early Morning Workout: 2 mile walk & Tone It Up App Strong Arms workout or this Family Workout if your kids wont leave you alone. haha.
Also I'm including THIS blog post on finding the right exercise routine for you.
Drink Lemon Water & take Vitamins

Meal 1: Eggs with Spinach & Ezekiel english muffin with chia spread. Papaya on the side.
Fill up 32 oz of water

Snack 2: An apple and Chocolate PB Banana Lactation Smoothie

Meal 3: Baked Sweet potato, raw cucumbers, 2 eggs over medium, avocado & cherry tomatoes
Also, here is a recipe that I love for Grilled Sweet Potatoes

Snack 4: No Bake Chocolate Lactation Bar (or any Raw Bar that you prepped on Sunday)

Meal 5: Garlic Butter Ground Turkey W/ Cauliflower Skillet
& Refill water bottle

Snack 6: Almond Butter Stuffed Dates (A favorite of mine!)

Total Water Intake: 64 oz.

Selfcare: My workout in am & some tv/movie time with Ty and Pink Himalayan Salt Popcorn

Time With Kids: Scarlett one-on-one (Paint nails)

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