Monday, May 14, 2018

Which glasses fit me best with Warby Parker.

I don't wear glasses on a regular basis but I do use glasses for night time driving, drive-ins and any other things far away visuals. I actually like wearing glasses once in awhile and if I didn't have to use them periodically, I probably would just for fashion sake. So I am kind of picky when it comes to picking out glasses and for some reason the ones that I think are going to look good never do and vice versa. Larger glasses tend to look good on my face since I have large features.

I got to try Warby Parker's At Home Try On and it was super easy and a great way to try some glasses for free! I went online and did a short questionnaire on my face shape and what I like, etc. My results on what glasses would be best for me were pretty spot on. Out of my results, I picked 5 pairs that I wanted to try on and ordered them. These below were the ones I liked.

They shipped them for free right to my door and after trying them on, I just stuck them all back in the box, added the prepaid shipping label and sent them back. I asked on Instagram which glasses you all liked better and these above and below, were the winners!!! Laurel Oak Barrel was #1, Laurel Tea Rose Fade #2 and Louise Rose Water was #3.

If you wanted to check out the free At Home Try on, you can do that HERE.  They also have sunglasses!

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