Friday, May 11, 2018

Spring in Texas & My Mother's Day Plans.

There is nothing I love more than spending the day out exploring with my littles. Mother's Day is this Sunday and I'm hoping that is exactly what they have in store for me! I asked Scarlett what her and Daddy have planned for me and she said, "It's still in the works". Haha.
We took a day not long ago and went to see the BlueBonnets and all of the beautiful fields of flowers blooming here in Texas! We went to WildSeed Farms in Fredricksburg. They had all of the hill country basics: live music, wine, beautiful scenery and sun! The kids loved exploring around in the flowers and as you can see...I enjoyed capturing all the little moments on my iphone.

I've been sick for the last week and a half with some horrendous virus that just won't go away!! I think that I didn't rest enough when I should have been and that is what prolonged it even more. I am making it a point to not do anything this entire weekend but rest!! It's been killing me not to workout but the couple of times that I have attempted this week, after barely making it through due to the awful coughing and barely being able to catch my breath,  I've immediately felt worse afterwards. I can feel my body telling me to RELAX. It is very hard for me to do nothing. I am the girl in meditation at the end of Yoga making a grocery or to-do list in my head as everyone else is zoning out. Either that or I am wondering how long I have to sit in silence, wasting my time when I could be doing something. Ha. I know that mediation is super important and that a lot of good can come from it- I just haven't figured out how to conquer that yet. I also know, like I've said SO many times before, the key to happiness is balance. And so I know that I need to slow down or I am not going to get any better. What better time to do this then Mother's Day weekend! We all deserve a little R&R so I hope you take some of that on Mother's Day weekend! 

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