Thursday, May 17, 2018

Where & How I Shop for the Kids.

Scarlett: Shirt sold out but another cute one HERE. Similar Jeans, Sandals, similar sunglasses  Maxwell: Similar Shirt, similar jeans, sandals, sunglasses 

When we took our trip to Disney, I had a lot of questions about where I shop for the kids and so I thought I would put a little post together. It's pretty basic actually. I don't spend boatloads of money on their clothes. I've learned that they outgrow things SO fast that it's not worth it to waste money (that could be spent on travel). I look for sales. I input my email to every place that I love to shop and when they send me deal alerts, I go for them. I have done this long enough to know which ones are the mega good sales.  I just bought a ton of clothes for the kids from Old Navy'/Gap because they have the best sale online right now! I got them about 10-15 items each and the total was about $160!!  And it was cute stuff! Not just the basics. When I shop Gap/Old Navy,  I always check for the codes. They drop the prices quite a bit and the codes aren't always obvious.

I also love Zara even though Scarlett's clothes can be a little more expensive on there. Still, you can find cute pieces that will last awhile so I think it's worth it. I will share what I just bought there as well. Some other places that I love to shop is of course, Target. Cat and Jack is the cutest line ever along with a few others. With those I just shop in store and make sure to use my Target Red Card for 5% off and Cart Wheel.  I love H&M as well. They don't ever usually have sales but the clothes are pretty inexpensive. Once in awhile I will splurge and buy them something from J Crew or Nordstrom but not very often. For shoes, I swear by Zappos because I can order anything and have them try things on, whatever doesn't fit, I send back with free shipping. Also you can become a VIP member after you spend so much and so shipping is free as well.  I also love Toms. The kids ask to wear their Toms more than any other shoe. Toms has a lot of sales and free shipping events and they always give to good causes.

Also, anything that I shop online for, I make sure to go through Ebates first. Why not? It's free money!!!! If you don't use Ebates, you should! I have gotten a lot of money back from just using it for everything I buy online. When we lived in Massachusetts, I shopped second hand stores all the time. I'm not quite as familiar with anything here in TX yet but if I found a cute vintage/second hand store, I would definitely shop there for the kids (and myself actually) too.

I do find it harder to find boy clothes than girl clothes. And it is true that they just seem to have more in the girls departments than the boys. But I find that when I shop online for boys, I seem to find more. I've linked a few of the kids outfits under the photos. If you guys like this type of post, I will do them periodically. Also, I'm going to try a few shops that I found recently and I will share them with you if I like them.

 Scarlett: Cullotes HERE, Top HERE and Similar sunglasses HERE. Maxwell: Top sold out but a cute one that I have been eyeing HERE Shorts HERE and sandals HERE.

Scarlett's shorts HERE, Emoji slip-ons HERE, Smoothie Purse from Zara sold out fast but another cute purse HERE, and a cute graphic tee that I want to get here HERE. (The Meowrica tee is from Target) Unicorn headbands HERE

 Maxwell and Scarlett's Plaid tops were from Gap/Old Navy. Maxwell's pants were from H&M and Scarlett's skirt was from Target. Her shiny high-tops similar HERE.

 Maxwell: Sweater was from OshKosh, shirt was hand me down from a friend, Sneakers HERE. Scarlett: Sweater similar HERE, skirt from H&M but sold out similar HERE,  leggings similar HERE and sparkle sneakers HERE.

Scarlett: Dress  Maxwell: Similar Shirt, similar fedora 

The shirts aren't available anymore but the sandals were both from Target HERE and HERE and shirts were from Old Navy in the boys section. Minnie hat from Target and Scarlett's Shorts similar HERE. 

 Maxwell's Tank HERE. His Shorts were Zara, similar HERE and sandals HERE. Scarlett's Top similar HERE, shorts HERE and sandals HERE

    Maxwell's V neck tees I always get from H&M HERE and Scarlett's dress was from Old Navy. 

 Maxwell and Scarlett's sweaters were from OshKosh. Her star jeans were from H&M but some fun ones HERE. Or try these cute star shorts HERE.

 Scarlett's dress was last year at Target but another cute one HERE. They are both wearing Birkenstocks. Maxwell's shorts and tee are both from Old Navy. 

Scarlett's dress was from Old Navy, sold out but another cute one HERE and she is actually wearing my fedora HERE. Maxwell's outfit was from H&M but similar HERE. And I love this cute Fedora HERE.

 Scarlett's dress was from Gap. There are some super cute ones HERE. Maxwell was wearing a hand me down sweater from a friend with pants from H&M and Freshly Picked Moccs. 

Scarlett's Minnie Dress was from H&M. If you are going to Disney, check these ones out HERE.  Minnie Sandals HERE and Maxwell's Shirt HERE. Mickey sandals HERE. 

 These are winter clothes but both puff vests and kitty hat were from Gap, Maxwell's boots were from Gap (they used to be Scarlett's) and Scarlett's boots were from Walmart for like $15!

Similar dresses HERE (I just bought this one as well) and HERE and HERE. Sandals were Old Navy. 

Scarlett's Dress HERE, wrap similar HERE  and fedora HERE. Maxwell: similar shorts HERE and fedora HERE. (His sweater was from OshKosh-sold out)

Horse backpack HERE, checkered pants HERE and horse shirt was from Target like 3 years ago and I could not find one similar. But I found this dress HERE that Scarlett would swoon over.

I was and still am obsessed with this Palm Tree Fedora hat that is sold out but here is another cute option HERE. Some shorts HERE and a cute tank HERE. And of course Toms HERE.

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