Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving and What I'm Doing for Black Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends and family this year.
Our Thanksgiving was MUCH different than prior years. We always spend Thanksgiving surrounded by lots of family and tradition, food and good laughs. But as you know, we are far away from family this year. Seeing that we just got here not long ago, the thought of traveling back to New England with the kids was less than appealing to me. We made the best of celebrating this family holiday with just the 4 of us. In fact, it was the most relaxing Thanksgiving we've had thus far. It was a no frills Thanksgiving. Ty and I spent the morning cooking over coffee with Christmas music playing. We made pancakes for the kids and watched them play happily together. I'm so happy they have each other. <3

As the food cooked, we made a couple of cocktails and sipped on those. I admit- I watched Roseanne marathon for guilty pleasure! Ty watches with me. He's used to it by now. It was 72 here in Texas today. It's actually been hard for me remember that it is the holidays. I'm not used to having the weather so warm during this time of year and to be honest, I forget it's November until I see the Christmas aisle at Target.

Today, I ate a delicious meal (Ty did amazing with the turkey, his first turkey by the way) with the 4 most important people in the world to me. It wasn't fancy but it was perfect just the same. We are all healthy and have everything we could possibly want. It reminded me that we are beyond blessed! After dinner, we relaxed and spent the rest of the day just hanging out together, going for a walk and playing games. I did miss my family this year. But we will get to see them at Christmas so I tried to remember that that is not far away.

Tomorrow is Black Friday and I've never been into this day much. I've always enjoyed just having the day off and relaxing. Watching Christmas movies, decorating for the holidays and being lazy! So naturally I am not going shopping tomorrow. I did my shopping online one evening last week and guess's DONE! Because we are away for the holidays, I didn't get the kids a whole lot this year. Just a few things that they have asked for more than once.
Instead of shopping tomorrow, I am spending Black Friday with my favorites. We are headed off for a long weekend away. As I get older, I realize that the things most important to me aren't things. As cliche as it sounds, it is moments that matter to me.  And it truly is. So I'm  off to make moments and memories with these 3 people that I'm crazy about. I hope your Thanksgiving Day was full of family, friends, food and appreciating all of the greatness we wake up to every morning.

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