Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Day in Hill Country Texas.

So I was going to post our trip to Austin today, but I realized that I didn't even post this one from the weekend before yet. So I will post this first and that this weekend. 

We left on a whim to go explore the Hill Country of Texas. We packed up some snacks and headed out. When I first found out that we were going to move to Texas, all I could envision was cowboys and ranches, Chip & Joanna Gaines and fields full of cows. lol I was so wrong. Texas is SO diverse and every city/town you visit is so different from the next. Full of adventure and so many unique places to experience.  
While we live in a very tight-housed community with lots of people and city-like feel not far from our suburb, if you drive 1/2 hour north, you get to see a whole other world! 
We wanted to go visit some wineries in the hill country. 

So what is hill country like? If you have Instagram, go check out @wearetexashillcountry. 

The road there was so pretty! They wind in and out of the hills with things to take in the whole way. I didn't play on my phone at all on this trip, besides to take some photos and video. It was just so gorgeous! We stopped at a place along the way called Camp Verde General Store & Restaurant. They had a fun shop inside and a restaurant that we grabbed a quick bite to eat at. The kids took in the scenery and it somewhat reminded me of upstate NY in a lot of ways. Then we headed off to Becker Vineyards. There were quite a few vineyards in this area but I heard great things about Becker and since we had limited time on a Sunday, we chose to go there. We were not disappointed! It was stunning. You could taste wines inside or sit out on on the actual vineyard under the pavilion or on the grass. People had brought blankets and picnics to eat. Had I known, I would have done just that. The kids ran around the grass area happily and Ty and I enjoyed our favorite wines from the tastings. I could have stayed there all day. The sunset was just awesome from here. We also did a quick tour of the Vineyard and learned about how they make their wine and even got to visit the wine cellar. The staff there gave us some recommendations of other places to try and we have it set on our calendar to go back and visit the tiny town of Luckenbach. It has history of famous country singers and small town feel with fun family things to do. We also drove through Fredricksburg which was pretty cool as well. This is one of those places that goes under the radar but if you ever have time and are in Texas, I highly recommend visiting the hill country. 

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