Monday, November 20, 2017

A Quick Trip to The RiverWalk in San Antonio.

We have already made ourselves at home here in Texas. Which really hasn't been hard. The second weekend here we were anxious to get out of the house and forget the unpacking. Not to mention that Maxwell and Scarlett were getting over being sick and it had been just a rough week all around.  We decided to go downtown and explore. We had no real plans. I did a couple quick searches and since I'm the queen of planning, I had a game plan in 40 minutes. First spot we stopped at was Ocho. This amazingly, dreamy restaurant is located in the Havanna Hotel on the Riverwalk. By the pictures, I don't need to do much explaining. It was designed by someone who knows the key to my "style heart". The colors and vibe were sophisticated and fun. If you look outside the windows, you can see the river. The "garage-like window doors" actually open as I could see stools and counters on the patio section.  The wait was REALLY long, but the tapas were spot on and the Margaritas really were perfection. We gave the kids electronics, that is how long the wait was. Sigh.  I read reviews that this was accurate but I mean, when you get to look at this and drink margaritas, who cares! 

Then we made our way down to the Riverwalk. I didn't realize how long the riverwalk is. It's MILES and MILES of river. There are the coolest bridges and tunnels to walk over and through. The scenery is so pretty. Businesses, restaurants and even condos line the Riverwalk. You can definitely spend a whole day or more exploring. We somehow stumbled up to the streets and Scarlett made friends with a horse who was pulling a Cinderella-esque carriage. Yes, we rode it around the city and it was a great way to see what was where. We stopped to see The Alamo and even wandered around inside there, looking at some history, before grabbing Snow Cones. It was a hot day! We had plans to ride the water taxi for a tour but Maxwell was still recouping and not in the best of moods. We didn't think he would last an hour on the boat. So we decided to put that on hold and instead grabbed some Mexican food on the river's edge. There are so many casual places to eat along the way. San Antonio is such a different place. I've never seen a city quite like it. I am most definitely enjoying our time here so far. Last weekend we went to the Hill Country and I died....Ok I didn't die but I absolutely LOVED Hill Country. And I can't WAIT to share that with you sometime this week!

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