Monday, October 2, 2017

Seasons Are Changing & Surprise...We are moving!!

The seasons are changing and I feel like every September brings more than just turning leaves. This September has proved to be the same...and guess what....we are moving!!

September has always been our month of new beginnings. It was in September that Ty and I officially got together. September that I found out I was pregnant with Scarlett. September that we moved here to New York. September that we not only bought a brand new house but found out I was pregnant with Maxwell. It was in September that I began a new path in real estate and so on....September, the month when leaves begin to turn and the seasons change. How appropriate.

We moved here to New York 6 years ago. I can't even believe it's been that long and yet it seems so long ago! Ty received an offer on a Wednesday and a week later he was off to New York to start a new job. I followed behind a few weeks later. We've had such an amazing time here in New York and it has been one of my favorite places so far. Not to mention, this place is an amazing place to raise a family. I fell in love with Saratoga 6 years ago and I still hold this place in my heart. We've created a home and family here. Even Maxwell was born here.
When Ty came to me a few weeks ago with an opportunity across country, I was slightly heartbroken. Scarlett loves her school and she just started first grade, she loves the stables that she rides at, and all of her neighborhood friends are here. Maxwell even has a little best buddy at school and adores his teachers as well. Not to mention, I love who I work with and the role I play in my current job. So to say that this was hard swallow is accurate. Despite the obvious downfalls of this,  I kept an open mind and somehow, things seemed to work their way out.

Ty's job is a year assignment. Meaning, it isn't permanent. We are coming back!! And we managed to work out all the details so that it works for us all. Often times life presents opportunities that aren't the right timing. But who are we to say what is the right timing? I mean, do any of us have any control of what goes on in life? Somewhat yes, but We can plan all we want but we aren't really in control now are we? So I've learned to embrace what may seem like bad timing and accept it as a new adventure.

 And we go on a new adventure. I think it's pretty awesome!! I mean, how many people get the opportunity to go see some place they have never been before and still be able to return easily? We are SO excited. And a tad nervous. The worrying is mostly me apprehensive about how the kids will adjust and how we will get it all done in such short notice. I hope that the year in a new school will not be hard for Scarlett but teach her to adjust more easily and find that there are wonderful people to be friends with in every state. She is a pretty resilient child and seems to do well with change. On the other hand, she is VERY sentimental and I know that she is going to miss her friends, teachers, school and horses. When I told her the news, she proved to me that she is just as adventurous as her mother. The look of excitement on her face was enough to tell me that this will be great. So where are we going?

We are moving to Texas!!
I have never been to Texas so this is going to be a huge change and a very exciting opportunity. We are thrilled to see new places and do new things! I can't tell you how this is all going to work but I trust that God will bring it all together. So....stay tuned! Details to come.

These past couple weeks Ty and I have been spending a lot of time together with the kids since he will be going down there before us. We will join him once we tie up all loose ends here in NY but we will be away from each other for longer then we ever have. I know this will be hard on the kids. We spent a day in the park and downtown. These are a few photos from then.

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