Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Moving Pieces.

Packing is probably one the worst tortures that a human can endure....
I despise it so.
I have 2 weeks to get our entire house packed and shipped to Texas. Then I somehow have to coordinate my car to be shipped and fly myself and 2 small humans across the country. This should be interesting...on top of all of this we have a bunch of moving pieces in our lives right now and I don't really know how or if it will all work out the way we would like.

Our house rented out sooner than we anticipated and so we are leaving a bit sooner than we originally thought. And by a little I mean a lot! I anticipated being here until December. The kids are thrilled about that...and also sad to say good-bye to all of their friends and the only home they've ever known. We are renting our house out furnished so I'm trying to pick out new furniture for our house in Texas, get Scarlett into a new school, Maxwell into a new daycare and visit everyone that I am going to miss so much before I leave! There are a lot of moving pieces right now. Although it is extremely stressful, I have this calm that hits me when I start checking things off of my to-do list. And in between all the chaos, I am managing to enjoy some time with friends, my sister and take the kids to a couple fun last minute things.

Last weekend I took the kids to the flavor Fest downtown Saratoga. Which is where the photos are from. (minus the last photo we took with Daddy before he left. That was Sunday Football at the sports bar). Anyhow, we tried food samples galore at the Flavor Fest! Everything from pad tai to cannolies, tacos to crepes. The kids loved it. I was worried I would be completely overwhelmed without Ty here helping me with the kids but it turns out we are doing just fine. Which I need since everything else in our life is chaotic. Yes they miss him a great deal, but Skype and FaceTime has been getting us by. I feel adventure coming...and I'm ready for it.

Wish me lots of good vibes that I pull this off like a pro ;)

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