Friday, November 3, 2017

We made it to Texas: Pieces of our Week.

We have a had a fun and yes, exhausting past week. If you have been following along, you know that we moved to Texas this week. It was kind of a whirlwind of a month to be honest. On Friday Scarlett had her Awards Show Dinner. Ty flew back and we attended this fun little event where Scarlett won Grand Champion for her class!! GO SCARLETT!!!! (queue the loud and obnoxious mom cheering from the side) Then we tracked to Boston to celebrate with my sister in law as she got ENGAGED!!!!! Congrats my dear!! It was a fun little engagement party that even this kids enjoyed.

After that we headed off to Nashua/Amherst NH for a family member's wedding at LeBelle Winery. You guys. The scenery from New York to NH was epically amazing! I could have made Ty stop 100 times along the way but he would have killed me so I only made him stop twice. Vermont is one of my favorite states!!!

Anyhow, the wedding was equally as beautiful and we had an awesome time. We got to see the whole family there one last time before we flew out. Monday we flew out of Manchester NH and into San Antonio.  I must say I have the best traveling kids. It was a long day of traveling and by the time we got home, we were all crabby and tired. It would have been amazing if all of our furniture was awaiting us but everything was against us when it came to moving our belongings. The pod was going to take double the time I originally thought and the car never got picked up like it was supposed to. Therefore, here I am on Thursday without a car or any of our stuff!!! I procrastinated ordering our furniture (we left our NY house furnished) so now I'm waiting for everything. BUT, there are so many positives that have come so far. Scarlett started her first day of school this week and she LOVED it. Her teacher said that she made new friends and had a wonderful first day. Not that I had any doubt my social butterfly would make friends ;)

Despite not having our pod yet, we each packed 2 suitcases full of stuff so thank the Lord for Southwest's 2 free luggage rule! Ha. Our neighborhood is great and only a walk to Scarlett's school. The houses are super close together which we aren't used to but I honestly don't mind this. We have met a few of the neighbors already and they all seem super sweet. The house is brand new, although much smaller than our home in New York. I am enjoying living in a smaller house. It just seems so much more simpler than all of our extravagant home needs back home. Texas is already teaching us things. And let's just talk about the weather....I know in July I will be crying but right now, right now I'm in heaven with this 80's weather in November! We flew into San Antonio on the 30th so I had Halloween costumes of the kids choice mailed here ahead of time. We got to go out WITHOUT COATS trick or treating for the first time ever! Kids thought this was pretty rad. I had the coolest Wonder Woman and the most appropriate Batman ever!!!!
So as we get settled, (bringing Ty to work everyday so I can have a vehicle, getting 1 kid into school and 1 kid into daycare, trying to work and get our house together) whew.....we still look forward to traveling around this new place and exploring new things! We've got AWESOME places on our to do list! Thank you to everyone who messaged me on Instagram (@itsLaurenRebecca) and gave me such great tips about TX and San Antonio. You guys are the sweetest! And also thank you to everyone who helped us get here. All my NY fam and friends that I just couldn't have done without! Shout out to Kalin, Maite, Kevin, Christine, Carrie and Jose and all those who offered or wished us well!!

We made it!! 
And now for some fun wedding photo-booth clips...

Above is Scarlett channeling her inner Hilary. Haha.

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