Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tree Hunting.

The weekend of Thanksgiving, we pulled out the totes marked Christmas and started displaying pieces of holiday cheer all over our home. I have always preferred real trees/garland over faux. The fresh smell and natural look is unmatchable.  But for some unknown reason, maybe because we have always started decorating too early, we never seem to actually buy a real tree. And I'm pretty sure that going out as a family and selecting a tree is one of the most fun Christmas traditions a family can have! So despite having our faux tree already up and decorated, I decided on a whim that I wanted to go out and get a real one, too. I mean, we have a pretty large home so I was positive I could find somewhere to put it. Scarlett was excited too. The whole experience was jolly. 
We searched for the perfect tree. Scarlett insisted we get a small one that was her size. So upon her request, we found the cutest little tree and it now lives happily in our dining room. I also found some lovely garland and a table tree. I vowed to Ty that next year we will get a real tree the size of the Griswold's and put it in our livingroom.....;) 

PS. I left a clip from one of my all time favorite Christmas movies below. 

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