Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pieces I Forgot To Post.

Somehow in the midst of all the holidays and school, I completely forgot to post some of these photos from October. October was beautiful. The weather was warm and we enjoyed visits from my father, soccer games, walks, lots of baths and Halloween parties. I was busy with Real Estate school most of the month but we filled every weekend with something fun. We tried to stay outside as much as possible, to enjoy the lovely weather that we knew would not last much longer. 

Such good memories that I ironically forgot to post...I swear motherhood does that to you.
Tractors and babies.
With Grandpa looking at trucks.
Many early soccer mornings.
This photo makes me smile in all sorts of ways. :)
Handsome guy....and the hubby isn't too bad either.
Autumn walks.
Can he get any chubbier...or cuter?!
She really is the best big sister to this little guy. He's lucky, for sure.
All dressed up as a Dalmatian for her Pre-K Halloween party.

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