Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Victorian Streetwalk 2015 & Some Random Thoughts.

Christmas time is probably my favorite time of year. Well, besides July. I love the feeling that comes over me every year. My house feels extra cozy. Christmas music is on non-stop. Twinkling lights and stockings hung. Hot cocoa warming my hands. Christmas movies on at any time of the day. All of this makes me feel happy and warm. Every year we attend the Victorian StreetWalk. For those of you who have never attended a Victorian StreetWalk, it is when the town/city shuts down the whole main street and all of the business owners participate in a festive celebration. Carolers dressed in victorian attire roam the street handing out cookies and hot cocoa. They do a countdown to the annual tree lighting. Choirs sing and Santa comes in on the Trolley. Even the reindeer are there to visit. We went out and met some friends for some dinner and then partook in all of the festivities. Scarlett loved it this year. It was a fun night. 

I was done my Christmas shopping pretty much before Thanksgiving. I'm THAT shopper who loves to be done early. That way I get to sit back and enjoy all of the wonderfulness that comes with this Holiday. I never like to spoil the kids for Christmas. I mean, they really have everything that they could possibly need. But somehow I ended up getting them more than I wanted to. I guess that is the downfall of doing all your shopping early. There is always something that I pick up as a impulse and it adds up. I'm really excited for a couple of things this holiday season:

1) My entire family is getting together ON Christmas morning this year. That hasn't happened in I don't know how long! I am hosting a Christmas breakfast and I'm really pumped about this. My little sister is flying in from Nashville, my brother-in-law from Georgia and the rest of the family from Massachusetts, all to New York to spend the holiday with us. 

2) Tomorrow morning my sister is going in to be induced. My little baby nephew will be born within the next day or so! And the super cool thing is, if he is born tomorrow, he will be exactly 6 months younger than Maxwell, his little cousin buddy. I will be in meetings tomorrow anxiously awaiting for my phone to buzz! This means we will have 2 new babies in our family this Christmas that weren't here last year. How exciting is that?! I'm praying that my sister has a smooth and quick delivery tomorrow. Good thoughts and vibes are appreciated for her!! 


Thank you for all your comments & kind words!! I reply in the comments section so check back if you have a question :) xo