Monday, August 3, 2015

Pieces of My Birthday Weekend.

I think I've mentioned before, every year when my birthday rolls around, I celebrate for a whole weekend. I just think one day is not long enough. Besides, it's summer and why not? So this year, once again, we celebrated my 31st birthday with another weekend. Nothing crazy like my 30th birthday last year. Just some dinner, strolling, breakfast at the Horse Track and some family to accompany us. I had a great weekend and was happy to spend it with my sisters. Here's some photos from that weekend:

Another fav restaurant of mine: Sperry's. 
My appetizers. Mmmm!
Maxwell was hungry!
This Italian Ice Truck was so cute and the ice....delicious!
Sisters <3
The boys. 
My tiny little chocolate Birthday cake. It was also scrumptious!
Scarlett wanted to stop and dance to the music in the street. So Daddy did. What a good Daddy.
A sleepy Bubs.
Whenever we go for walks, Scarlett looks for people with dogs so she can ask them if she can pet them. As you can imagine, she was so excited to find this girl who not only had a doggy, but drew dog art.
Ducks in the Park. 
Auntie Kalin and Uncle Peter!
Boys and Babes.
We had breakfast at the Saratoga Horse Track and watched the horses warm up. Scarlett is horse obsessed so this was a treat and I'm sure we will do it again. 

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