Monday, August 17, 2015

11 Things & Pieces.

1.  I've been selling Scarlett's old clothes/shoes on Instagram (@scarlettsclosetsale) I'll be posting new fall/winter stuff this week along with some of what is left of summer items. With the money that I make, I put it right back into buying new clothes for both kids. It gets expensive when you are buying clothes for them every season. Anyhow, it's sad that I am already prepping for winter. But I just purchased some new Sorel Boots for the whole family. Super cute and they make me feel a little bit better about winter coming.

2. Along with the thought of winter coming, I booked us a trip to Florida in March. March and February seem to be the longest months for me and I thought it would be nice to go break it up with some sun. Give us a little sunshine until spring arrives. Excited for Maxwell's first trip to Disney! He won't remember it but we will!!

3. Scarlett starts soccer in September. Stoked! (Insert heart eyes)

4. A few things I've bought for our family lately:

This little denim for Maxwell.
These Vintage Nikes for myself
These Sneaks for Scarlett.
And This for Ty.

5. I went for a ride yesterday afternoon with Scarlett. Just her and I. We left Maxwell at home with Daddy and it was really so nice to just pay attention to her. We got some chocolate and just listened to the radio as we drove with the windows down, warm air pouring in. I'd like to do more with her, just us two. I'm making a point to do this. She's grown so much and I feel as though I've missed out on little bits of her. She talks to me like a grown up and I can't help but wonder when this happened. More Mommy/Daughter dates, definitely.

6. We've been spending a lot of time together lately. Ty's work hours have calmed down and it's been really nice to spend time together as a family again. We even got in a date night last week. With NO KIDS!! Thanks to my sister for watching them. It's not often we are by ourselves anymore and it was dreamy.

7. Scarlett's love for horses keeps growing and I can't help but see a horse in our wayyyy out future, when she can take care of one. I had a horse growing up and it was such a great experience. I'd love to give that to Scarlett someday.

8. There are a lot of changes going on lately. I'm going to write about those soon. Some good, some ehhhh....Some that I'm not even sure about. Either way, life keeps moving along and I think everything will end up working out in the end. Besides, I like change every now and then.

9. I've been rearranging our home and into a decorating frenzy. I'm getting the walls painted in the kitchen and pantry and hoping to get a few new pieces to add to our home this fall. I would like to also complete our guest suite soon. It will be an shared office/guest suite.

10. Watching Scarlett and Maxwell together really makes my heart explode. They grow so quickly and I'm soaking in every little moment. Maxwell is growing at an enormous rate! He has to slow down at some point or he's going to be a small Scarlett is such a great big sister. She is ALWAYS kind to him and I have yet to see her show one ounce of jealousy or anger towards him. I can't say that she displays that behavior towards me all the time, but hey! I'm her Mama. That's to be expected I guess. I am just so happy that she is so kind and loving to her little baby brother. One day I'm sure he will be bigger than her and I know he will return the favor.

11. Here's some photos of life lately....
Planting Mama's ferns.
Breakfast outside every weekend.
Date night things....
Horse riding at a friends birthday.
Weekend adventures.
Loving her little brother, always.
My mom visiting from Ma. Scarlett is wearing my Little Mermaid nightgown from the 80's. Crazy that after all these years, it's still so popular! 

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