Thursday, August 20, 2015

Scarlett and Maxwell Take 1

Scarlett and Maxwell. I've been watching these two grow through my photos. I mean, I watch them daily but it's easier to see just how much they have grown when you look at photos. Like the ones below. 10 weeks ago I brought him home a tiny little thing. I guess he was tiny if you consider 8 lbs and 12 oz tiny. Just the same, he was my little tiny babe. And now I look at this bundle of chunk lying on top of me and it baffles me how time goes by so quickly. Scarlett starts Kindergarten next year and I'm in awe at how the years have passed already. 

Scarlett, as most of you know, is obsessed with horses right now. She wakes up and plays with them and goes to sleep laying next to stuffed ones and a few horse books. She also loves Barbies. I knew she would. She reminds me so much of myself when I was young and I loved Barbies too. She's adventurous and daring. Nothing really scares her. Well, besides waterfalls. She had her first field trip this summer and I was so worried about her riding a big kid school bus. I mean, she's just 4 years old. But Scarlett wanted to ride it in the worst way. She's always eager for the next step, the next challenge. 

She's also a Daddy's girl in the worst way. Scarlett and I tend to butt heads a lot. Maybe because we are both so much alike. She wants things her way and I want things my way. But Ty is laid back and has a way with her. He lets her talk and do things her way. Much like he does with me, I suppose. She often cries in the morning when she realizes that he has gone to work. I try to remember that she still loves me. There are still days when she only wants Mama. I am enjoying watching her play horses and Unicorns. This girl has the wildest imagination and I love it.

Maxwell is a little smile machine in the morning. I get so many little coos and gagas from him first thing in the am. He has finally broke his colicky stage (Thank God) and I'm starting to enjoy interacting with this little ham bone. He recognizes faces and often cries when he sees a stranger, usually a male, talking to him. And boy does he still like to eat! Ha ha. I laugh because the boy is over 15 lbs at 10 weeks old. He gets mistaken for much older constantly. People gasp when I tell them his age. Funny because I always thought I would have small babies. That wasn't in the cards for me. Anyways, my Bubs is my little buddy. He hangs with me all day and watches me clean or cook from his swing or Lamb chair. (He still despises his 4Moms MamaRoo. I'm thinking I should just sell it.) I'm knocking on wood because I DO NOT want to jinx myself but he sleeps pretty good now. He's ready to go to bed at 8-8:30 and doesn't wake up until about 1 am. Then he eats and goes back to sleep until 3 or 4. Scarlett was not this good of a sleeper at 8 months! I'm content with that. 

I noticed myself taking photos of these two together and thought, how neat would it be to take the same kind of photos every now and then and then put it together in some sort of time lapsed video. So periodically, you will find these photos pop up on my Instagram (@itslaurenrebecca) or here on this blog. Along with that, I will post a little about each of them to document milestones and little things that I don't want to forger. After all, poor Maxwell didn't even get a baby book! :( #secondchildproblems


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