Monday, July 13, 2015

Pieces of Life Lately.

Nursing this baby. Sometimes it makes me feel so happy. Other times, I feel so confined. That is just part of being a mother. Looking forward to a baby on a routine.
Dinner Dates with these two. Gosh she's beautiful. Sometimes it still baffles me that we made her!
Burgers like this for my Ty.
I try to make as much girl time for her as I can. Often I feel guilty that I can't do more with her when her baby brother is taking up so much of my time.
My fox fresh out of the bath<3
She loves him. Melt....
Yes, I love taking photos of these two. I'm capturing all of these precious moments up while I can.
Family walk/jog/bike rides/naps in the park. ;) A great day that I want to remember. 


  1. Im loving all these photos of the two of them... heart melting :)

  2. Love these pictures. Kiddos are too cute together. :)


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