Monday, March 16, 2015

Things Scarlett Says.

Right Now: 

Age: 3 (turning 4 in 2 months!)
Scarlett's Favorite App: Pepi Doctor
Scarlett's Favorite Food: Nature's Path Pop Tarts, Grapes, Cheese and mayo sandwiches (which she can make by herself), Cucumbers and Home-made Pizza.
Favorite Game: Playing Unicorns or with her Farm
Favorite Shoes: Elsa & Anna light up sneaks & Hunter Boots
New Favorite Activity: Painting, painting and painting some more!

Scarlett's been saying:

Me: Scarlett, do you want OJ?
Scarlett: NO, I don't want to drink too much orange juice or I might get a Tyrannosaurus.
Me: What?
Scarlett: You said too much orange juice will give me one.
Me: Do you mean a canker sore? (Laughing)
Scarlett: Yeah!

"Mama, you're the best Mama in the WHOLE world!" (love this one)

When she wants to use my iPhone to play apps, she negotiates by saying, "Mama, I have a good idea,  you can watch Roseanne while I play on your phone!"

"Oh Bother!" when she dropped her toothbrush.

After getting off the scale at the dentist office, "I'm getting bigger aren't I? That's because I'm gonna be four soon and because I eat lots of vegetables!"


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