Sunday, October 6, 2013

One Last Beach Day.

These photos were taken shortly after Labor Day. This post got pushed back until now.

Do you ever feel like you need to get away? For no particular reason? Just pack up and do something different? This was one of those days. Scarlett and I like to keep busy. On this day, we packed up and headed out to the lake. When we got there, we hauled our bags down to the sand. As I looked up to the water, there was nothing but peace and tranquility. I exhaled and looked down to Scarlett's face. She was obviously excited for the same reasons that I was. The beach was empty. This is typical of the lakes here in New England after Labor Day. But with the last of the warm days, we wanted to take advantage of the sand, water and sun. The sun was setting a beautiful scene atop the lake. I laid out our blanket and watched Scarlett run to the water, pail in hand. Her favorite beach toy is a little purple watering can that she always picks first. I laid down on the vacant beach and inhaled the fresh air. There is something so wonderful to me about lakes. Maybe because Ty and I had so many memories on one. It's really where we began. (Here)  It's calming to me. Clears my mind.

I just laid on my back, head turned to the side watching Scarlett play. That is therapy in itself. Her little hands molding sand, little voice singing sweetly. Perfection.

I just wanted that moment to last much longer than I knew it would. We took a little walk out to the sand bar. Scarlett was very interested in the random sand in the middle of the water. Sometimes you plan these kind of trips or days and everything goes wrong or not how you planned. It seems to me that the spontaneous, unplanned trips like these are the best and they happen to be my favorite memories.  Like our spontaneous dinner outings or the random picnics that I spring on Ty periodically.

Anyway, this one day was one that I will most certainly not forget. And of course, I have this post to remind me :)

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  1. These pictures are the cutest!! I always feel like I need to pack up and get away lol!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  2. love unplanned spur-of-the-moment days like these...


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