Monday, November 5, 2012


Awhile back, Ty was driving his truck with me sitting in the passenger seat.
A song came on the radio and he turned it up.
It was a country song that Ty seemed to know all the lyrics to. 
If you know Ty, he doesn't sing.
He says the only song that they made deep enough for his voice was "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash.
I laughed at that. 
But he was singing this song that I had never heard before.
He told me that he liked this song because it reminded him of me.
It quickly became one of my favorite songs. 
The lyrics to this song are very personal to me now.
These words really sink in deep because they are right on.
There is a part in the song that talks about losing his momma...
It brings me to tears every time that I hear it.

I had forgot about it for some time.
I heard it again today and it brought me right back to that moment in Ty's truck.
Understand that I am a very passionate girl.
I hold onto memories tightly. They are cherished in my soul.
It made me think about what a wonderful man I have.
When we first shared our "secret affair", people were quick to judge. 
They said that we wouldn't last, I was just looking for some excitement and that I was surely jumping into things too quickly. 
Ty and I used to hear all the rumors and talk. We simply looked at each other and smiled.
We smiled because we knew.
We knew that we would stand the test of time. We were so utterly and devotedly in love with each other. 

And now, 3 years later...
He still takes my hand as we walk.
He still kisses me like the first time his lips met mine on that ever-so memorable night at the beach.
We still hold each other as tightly as we did then.
I still call him my Ty and he still calls me his Beb.
He still surprises me with thoughtfulness.

No one ever says "She's just using you, man." anymore.
No one feels inclined to tell me, "You are rushing into this."
They never judge us now. 
Because just as we knew then, we are meant to be. 
Like bees & honey...
Like Mickey & Minnie. 
He is the butter to my toast. 

Anyhow, I was thinking, and I am going to share more of our stories.
I've shared some of our stories here, here & here.
But I want to write more.
They are and were a very important part of our lives. 
I don't want to forget them. 
Here is the song by Darius Rucker....have a look at the lyrics, if you like.

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  1. Aaaaw this is a such a cute story. You guys remind me about my husband and I.
    I still feel butterflies in my tummy when I kiss him and I'm sure he does as well.

  2. Cutest post ever! :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful photo! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  4. Love this post! Love this song! It's a great reminder that life is funny and wonderful and full of surprises! You and Ty have such a special relationship and story...very happy for you! Hope everyone is feeling better!

  5. I love this song and it's the first time hearing it. :) Such a great post!

  6. yes, time proves our critics wrong! eleven years ago friends thought I was marrying for all the wrong reasons because they could only observe from the outside. we and my husband? we knew what we carried for each other in our hearts and it has made all the difference. so grateful God gives us these men! :)


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