Sunday, November 4, 2012


We have been sick here in our little home.  Scarlett has been coming down with a bad cold for a couple of days. We have been using Doterra all-natural oils. They work great on improving congestion, colds and coughs. But I do find that they don't work as good on fevers in children. Last night, Scarlett was very uncomfortable and just wouldn't fall asleep. No fever, but restless. After Ty and I watched a movie, I tried to rock her, sing to her and gently massage her little legs. It didn't do much good.
After a couple of hours of failed attempts, I brought her into our bed to sleep with us.

Normally when Scarlett is sick, she only wants Mommy. When she reached for Daddy, I was surprised but happy. It isn't often that she gets to spend time with him. She laid down with Ty and fell asleep for about 3 hours.
I woke out of a sound sleep at 2 am. I sat up abruptly with an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I looked to my right to see Scarlett sound asleep next to her Daddy. I felt her little forehead. She was heating up. Fever. This worries me since last July, Scarlett had a febral seizure from a fast rising fever. After being hospitalized, I was told to be proactive with her fevers. I immediately took her temperature and sure enough 100.4. I know this doesn't sound very high for a toddler, but her temp was only 101 the last time the seizure hit. I gave her some meds and then got her in the tub for a 2 am luke-warm bath. After drying her and dressing her lightly, I held her on the couch for awhile. Her fever was going down.

It's funny how mothers have such strong instincts. I could never have guessed that I would be as good at mothering or nurturing as I am today. Instincts take over. I awoke out of my sleep at just the right time to catch her temperature before it got worse. I didn't know why I woke distressed and nervous. But now I see, it was my Motherly instincts waking me for Scarlett. 

Scarlett woke up this morning and ate a very large breakfast. This is a great sign since she hasn't been very hungry the last couple days. I think she's on her way to slowly feeling better. We'll be laying low and taking our vitamins today; hoping that we get better soon, as we have some traveling to do the beginning of this week.

I hope you all had a great weekend. 


  1. Awww, poor little thing. Hoping she is on the mend and you all are as good as new soon!

  2. ohhh poor girl. At least you've got super mom instincts! What a blessing.

  3. Poor Scarlett, There's nothing worse than a sick baby :( It makes a Mom's heart sick to watch them be so miserable. Hope she feels better soon.

  4. Hope little Scarlett gets back to her bubbly little well self soon!!!!

  5. So sorry Scarlett had a rough few days...glad to hear she's starting to feel better and back to herself! She's lucky to have a mama like you! Hope you both get a good night's sleep. Xoxox


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