Sunday, November 18, 2012

That Old Thing.

Have you ever smelled a scent or picked up an article of clothing that brought you back in time? 
Right back to a moment just by the smell or feel of it?
This happens to me a lot. I'm nostalgic like that. I wrote about that here.

This happened to me again this weekend.
I bought a shawl about 6 years ago that I just loved. I wore it probably every other day.
It must have been put away with the old sweaters & forgotten about. Easy to do when you have moved 6 times in the last 6 years. Yesterday, we had some shopping to do. I was digging around in my winter outerwear trying to find something to throw on. Out came the shawl from years ago. And just like that I was brought back to where I was when I first bought this shawl. I ran my fingers over the knitted material, stuck in a memory. After a few moments of reminiscing, I threw it on over my floral blouse & cross tank.

 I remembered how much I loved this shawl.
Granted, it would go a lot better with a different outfit, I loved finding this old piece & letting it take me back in time. 

Do you have a piece of clothing that reminds you of something or a time in your life? 
A piece that you plan to keep for some time to come? I'd love to hear your stories. 
This Look:
Tote: Kenneth Cole (Mine is no longer sold online) You can find a similar one here.


  1. Well hello, shawl. My closet needs you! lol.

  2. That floral top is so pretty! I loved how you styled it.

    Visiting you from Monday Mingle.


  3. I love that shawl! And I know exactly what you mean about a smell taking you back in time. My mom has given me clothes and they smell like her...I love that! I even borrowed an old book from my Grandpa, and with every page I turned, I could smell his house. It's amazing the memories that are carried within the smell or feel of something!! Stopping by from Miscellany Monday, have a beautiful day!! :)

  4. Love how you tied the shawl in front. Such a gorgeous piece!

  5. i love finding pieces that bring back such memories - those pieces you just can't seem to part with. i have a bunch in my closet that i can never bring myself to get rid of. that shawl is beautiful and looks beautiful on you. <3
    i hope your weekend was wonderful.

  6. Gorgeous look! I love how our closets are a piece of our history!


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