Thursday, November 15, 2012


      A lot of times, I sit on the edge of the grass & watch Scarlett play.
The wonder in her face.
Her infectious giggle and her curious eyes.
The way she gravitates towards the swings every time we visit the playground. She loves those swings.
She would stay there all day, swinging & reaching her arms out to catch the wind that hits her face.

She is so small in a giant world. She is merely one tiny girl in a sea of children.
But as I tell her, She is kind, she is smart, she is important.
The possibilities for Scarlett are endless. One day, she might teach someone to love, or make something just in the world, or save a life. She might sing like a lark or paint like Van Gogh. She might dance with  every ounce of passion in her soul or kick a ball with all her heart...
If I could tell Scarlett one thing, I would tell her, 
"The world if full of opportunity. Go be what your wildest heart desires.
Nothing can stop you, sweet girl."
Statement Tee: H&M
Striped Leggings: Old Navy
Moccasins: Minnetonka 



  1. She is so precious!! And it is amazing that whatever great things she goes on to do, a big sum of that will be because she has such a great mother!

  2. Such a cutie!! And your words are beautiful (:

  3. a beautiful message for your beautiful girl!! her outfit is precious - love that tee!
    the swing shots are gorgeous!!
    hope you're week has been wonderful. <3

  4. That is the cutest little outfit!!

  5. I love that outfit! Especially those leggings!! Xxx

  6. Love those leggings! She is just precious.

  7. What a cute little pumpkin she is! I was reading your comment over on "Story of my life" and absolutely loved your response. Your blog is quickly becoming a favorite read of mine!

    xx Lynzy

  8. Her curls are just like my girlie's! So sweet!


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