Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Decorating Decisions.

Since Scarlett has never really had a permanent room to call her own,
I decided that I am going to make her new room a priority.
We move into the new place on December 1st. 
It doesn't give us much time to get settled before the holidays but we are so excited that we don't 
mind the timing.

With Scarlett's room being the first on the list, I decided to go to Pinterest for inspiration.
Pinterest is a very cool place for ideas.
With that said, it is also very overwhelming.
With thousands of intriguing pictures and awesome decor, it's easy to get frazzled.
I have pinned a few things here and there that I love for Scarlett's room.
But I can't narrow it down all the way.
Help me decide what I should do to Scarlett's new room!!
Here are the options.
What are your favorites? 
Help Me Choose

Help Me Chooose
You can find my Pinterest Board & all photos Here.


  1. Your this or that is definitely tough... any only because each of the options is fantastic. Is it weird that I went with all of those listed on the right though? Love that book wall especially :)

  2. Here's what I would choose: turquoise wall, yarn letters, wooden bed, and book wall.
    decorating a little girls room is so much fun! Enjoy!

  3. I like the turquoise, anthropology letters, iron bed, and I'd maybe do half a book wall because what good are books if you can't read them. {then there are pop up books and some books you probably want to keep nice}. Decisions. Oh we'll, whatever you choose it'll be beautiful.

  4. i love all of this. but i think that the cute vintage wallpaper with a rod iron bed would make an adorable combo!

  5. I LOVE the yarn letters!! Maybe just one wall with wallpaper (the one where the bed will be against) and the other 3 walls painted a shade of turqoise? So much fun! I can't wait to see the final photos of the finished room. :)

  6. These are all so cute! I too find myself drawn towards everything on the right hand side, aside from the bed, I'd go for a wooden bed. That book wall is incredible! So many options :) Have a great day!

    xoxo andrea

  7. I'm in love with the turquoise wall, yarn letters and iron bed. Decorating a baby girls room is so much fun. Enjoy your new home!

  8. My votes are everything on the right! Except the beds...I could go either way.

    So exciting!

    Stopping by from Shanna's link up.

  9. Turquoise wall, yarn letters, iron bed, bookcase. All very cute ideas though!

  10. Hey Love!!! I say Turquoise walls, yarn letters, wooden bed, and the book wall!!!! :)

  11. Thank the Lord for Pinterest!!! I love the book wall and the yarn letters and the iron bed and the turquoise wall....wallpaper is so hard to put up and take down. her room is going to be ADORABLE!!!! Thanks so much for linking up!! xoxo

  12. ooooo love all of this. soo girly and fun!

    Helene in Between

  13. Love the book wall and I would go with paint at least you can clean it.... If crayon ever gets on wallpaper your in a lot more trouble! The beds are to hard to decide! Yarn letters!

  14. Oh how fun!! Love the book wall and turquoise with yarn letters. The bed I would normally say wood but Iron would be fun.

  15. Oh, those are all so pretty...hmmm..maybe iron bed and some pretty wallpaper!?

  16. I love all of the options. Good luck! Thanks for linking to tip toe thru tuesday.


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