Friday, November 25, 2022

Heading Into the Holidays

November was a good month. A little slower than the normal hustle we have going on. Ya know, work, school, work, etc...We did a lot of early Christmas decorating. Yes, I am the one who is setting up Christmas decor November 1st. I just love how it makes me feel. So why not? We did some fun things this month and got some cold weather in. GIVE ME ALL THE COOL WEATHER. You will never hear me complain that it is too cold here. It just doesn't happen here. Ty had some Fall exotic car meets that we went to. One was a really fun outdoor one that went into the evening and we got to sit fireside w/ drinks and snacks and meet some new people. We did some brunches and lots of movie nights with the kiddos and dogs. 

We didn't get to see any family this Thanksgiving but we invited some friends over to share some turkey and pie. Had a laid-back kinda day. I made my home-made organic apple pies that I did NOT take a photo of... Ty did the rest. Haha. He's just so good at it. 

I'm getting the itch to my Black Friday Shopping consisted of planning some trips instead of buying  "things". I love to be home now and again, but I am an adventurer at heart. I am happiest when I have a good amount of balance in my life. Not too much time in the house. Not too much time away. I guess I get bored easily. We have a tradition that we swap off birthday parties and adventures every other year. This year, the kids all get destination presents. I planned some fun trips for Scarlett's Birthday and Maxwell's Birthday. Vera's birthday is end of January but I have yet to plan hers. January is a cold month just about everywhere so thinking of maybe embracing the cold in the mountains! Wherever we go, I'm making sure it's to places we haven't been to before!! xo 

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