Friday, November 25, 2022

Halloween 2022: Welcome to Hawkins


Each year we pick a family costume to do together. I was having some doubts that we could do better than our Addams Family costumes last year...but I think our Stranger Things family costume came out okay...
Don't you?? I really had my heart set on Maxwell being Dustin but he had other plans to be ademogorgan. 

He won. 
Scarlett made the perfect Max Mayfield. Ty was a no brainer that he would be Vekna. Which left Vera and I. She got whatever they had in size 3T lol...and then I took the last character left that we couldn't leave out. I always let me kids pick another costume for actual Halloween and they can be whatever they want. So Scarlett was some anime character that I have no idea about...Ha. Vera wanted Elsa. Of course. And Maxwell actually stuck w/ Stranger Things since his bestie was Dustin. Our neighborhood rocks Halloween. This year I ditched most of the toxic candy dyes and opted to give out Halloween toys instead.  Ty said I would be the house everyone disliked...but our neighbor was giving out water, so I told him, I doubt I'll be that house...Haha... Surprisingly, the kids were super thrilled about the water house because it was a warm Halloween. ;)  

Another fun Halloween. 

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