Sunday, September 18, 2022

New York, Chatham & Plymouth- More of our Summer Trip Back North.

We spent a week or so in upstate New York at our Lake House and then we headed back to our home state of Massachusetts where we visited with family in Chatham and did a little historical visit to the places we did field trips to as kids. I got to meet back up with my old work team. They invited us to their Track event at the Saratoga Race Course. The kids always love meeting up and I got to catch up with some of my favorite old team members! A quick downpour brought in the best rainbow and it was indeed a fun visit. 

We headed to Ty's sister's house after that. We got to play with their baby cousin Monty, who wasn't quite able to play much the last time they saw him 6 months prior. We spent a long weekend at the in-laws in Chatham. The weather was just AMAZING! 70-80 and cool breezes. It doesn't get better than New England summer weather.  The best hospitality always goes down when we visit and our kiddos get spoiled each time. Scarlett immediately starts bonding with the dogs. They got up at the crack of dawn to go clamming at the ocean.  Scarlett took painting lessons. We did a few beach days. We sat outside by the fire at night enjoying the cool weather. The kids went paddle boarding. We saw seals eat off the fish boats. We shopped a bit for some Cape Cod souvenirs. We had lots of seafood and made sure to stop and indulge in the New England food at a few restaurants along the way. How charming Massachusetts is. I would say I never really appreciated it as much when I lived there. Isn't that always how it is? 
We also brought the kiddos to Plymouth Plantation and to see the Mayflower along with Plymouth Rock! My childhood memories came back. They were all about it! So many questions and a little underwhelmed by "the rock". Ha ha. All in all, we truly had a great little trip back. Until next year...

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